Sooner or later, you may find yourself needing a tooth replaced, or possibly all of your teeth replaced. When and if that time comes, you will either be looking at dentures or teeth implants to replace those missing teeth. Most people assume that dentures are cheaper than implants; however, affordable teeth implants are available in Annandale, VA, when you consider all the facts.

Dentures can be extremely high maintenance. Most denture wearers in Annandale, VA take them out at night and those who don’t typically experience pain in their gums. Your gums need a rest once in a while from dentures. With affordable teeth implants, you mainly just take care of them like you did when you had all your natural teeth; just brush and floss.

Implants are designed to last a lifetime, whereas dentures will most likely have to either be replaced every so often or relined frequently because your gums shrink over time. With affordable teeth implants from your local Annandale, VA dentist, the implants themselves will stimulate and preserve your remaining jawbone, which will maintain your facial structure. Dentures cause bone loss and will lead to deterioration of your facial structure.

Affordable teeth implants act and perform similar to your natural teeth. Dentures, on the other hand, tend to slip, can interfere with your speech, and some foods are difficult to eat with dentures. Corn on the cob, potato chips, and nuts are hard to eat with dentures. Dentures also tend to trap food underneath the denture, which makes it extremely uncomfortable for the wearer. Dentures are also extremely fragile and can easily break if dropped. Affordable teeth implants in Annandale, VA do not limit you to any specific foods. If corn on the cob and nuts are on your list of favorite foods to eat, no problem.

If you replace a few teeth with a partial denture, your other teeth that support the denture can weaken, and your partial will have to be adjusted or, quite possibly, the other teeth may need to be reshaped to accommodate the denture clasps. All of these situations will cost you each time you visit your local dentist in Annandale, VA. These costs add up through the years, making affordable teeth implants not as expensive as you might imagine.

So are you still are wondering about how affordable teeth implants actually are in comparison to dentures? No doubt dentures will be much cheaper during the initial stage, but over the years, you may be surprised at all the extra costs that will add up, whereas with dental implants, not so much.

So how can you afford dental implants? Most dental insurance plans will not cover dental implants, whereas most do cover dentures. But, believe it or not, there are dental plans out there that do cover implants, which will make affordable teeth implants your best option.

Some dentists in Annandale, VA, such as Annandale Smiles, offer what is called their Platinum Membership Program which allows 25% off of any cosmetic dental procedure. That in itself is quite a savings. They also accept most major credit cards including CareCredit which is a national credit card that allows you to finance 100% of your dental care with no money down, no upfront costs, no annual fees, and no interests.  Most dentists in Annandale, VA will accept CareCredit. It only takes a few minutes to apply.

Another great way to make affordable teeth implants possible is with a MORE MasterCard. You get zero APR for 6 months on transactions under $499; after that, if you haven’t paid off your balance, there are no retroactive interest charges. MORE MasterCard can be used anywhere.

Affordable teeth implants from your local Annandale, VA dentist should last you for a lifetime, so the long-term costs can be cheaper than dentures that need replacing frequently. The most important feature of dental implants is that they help to preserve bone and prevent your gums from shrinking because they stimulate your gums with the forces from chewing. This will reduce your chances of losing more teeth. Dentures accelerate bone loss because of the pressure on the gums and underlying bone.

Call the team at Annandale Smiles in Annandale, VA, and set up an appointment to see if you are the right candidate for their affordable teeth implants. They will be happy to discuss all the ways in which make their dental implants are affordable.