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Can You Eat That With Invisalign?

Woman removing Invisalign aligner to eat

We all know how restrictive traditional braces are on our diets, but what about clear aligners?

While braces prohibit favorites such as caramel, hard candy, and popcorn, Invisalign lets you partake in your favorite foods—with precautions!

So what should you know about eating with Invisalign?

What you can eat with Invisalign

As briefly mentioned, you can eat what you want with Invisalign, whether indulging in a caramel apple or munching on hard nuts. You can even chew gum, but we hope it’s sugar-free.

No foods are off-limits during your treatment. However, you always want to consume sugary and acidic foods in moderation to protect the enamel on your teeth.

What to do with your aligners as you eat and drink

Always remove the aligners before you eat or drink anything when you have Invisalign, whether it’s lunch or a midnight snack, no matter the texture. This includes chewing gum or drinking coffee. Applying pressure to the aligners while chewing may damage them if you leave them in.

If you break a tray while eating, you must obtain another aligner before continuing your treatment, delaying your results.

Not to mention, foods with artificial or natural coloring can absorb into trays, causing your smile to appear discolored.

Anytime you drink anything other than water, remove your aligners. Hot beverages, for instance, may warp them and hinder their ability to change your smile. Too much warping may require you to need a new aligner.

When you’re new to aligners, it takes time to get used to them. It may help to set a timer before eating a meal until it becomes a habit.

When you leave the house, take your aligner case, whether in a purse, backpack, or fanny pack.

It might take a bit of self-discipline, but never tell yourself one little, measly bite won’t hurt. That one occasion could be the one that breaks an aligner. Or, it could turn into the bad habit of eating with your aligners.

Special Precautions

After every meal, brush your teeth to prevent food from remaining on and in between your teeth as you wear your aligners.

Ideally, floss after every meal throughout your treatment. But, at the bare minimum, floss at least once per day.

Clean your trays every time you brush your teeth. Soak them at least once daily, and choose to do so during one meal. A designated time will make incorporating it into your routine easy. For instance, every night while you eat dinner, soak your aligners.

You may need to plan snacks and meals carefully to take your aligners out beforehand, especially when out.

Invisalign can correct your smile quickly while letting you eat what you want. That freedom still requires you to take a few precautions. Over time and with practice, removing your aligners and caring for your teeth during Invisalign treatment will become second nature.


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