You’ve worked hard to optimize your oral health, and now you’re ready to start building that world-class smile you’ve always dreamed of having.  Great news! When you’re ready to take the next step, if you’ve got misshapen, cracked, chipped or damaged teeth, Falls Church, VA teeth veeners might be the perfect way to improve the aesthetic of your smile.

They offer some compelling advantages including:

  • They’re fairly durable and long lasting, with a lifespan that ranges between 7 and 15 years before replacement becomes necessary.
  • They’re made of porcelain, which most people’s gums readily accept, so there’s little chance of infection or irritation.
  • They solve two problems at once, moderately reshaping your teeth and brightening/whitening your smile.

That said, Falls Church, VA teeth veeners do have a couple of potential drawbacks to keep in mind.  First, in order to install a veneer, we’ll need to remove a small amount of enamel from the tooth in question.  This is likely to result in increased sensitivity to both heat and cold.

Second, unfortunately, most dental insurance plans don’t offer coverage provisions for Falls Church, VA teeth veeners, which means higher out of pocket costs for you.  The best way to be sure is to contact your insurance company directly and ask. If your plan does offer coverage provisions, they become an incredibly attractive, cost-effective option.

Note, however, that if your main goal is to brighten and whiten your smile, our office has three different whitening treatment options available that may get the job done even more cheaply and effectively, without having to install any sort of dental appliance at all.  These options are:

Our Zoom In-Office Whitening Treatment

Fast and effective, this is our most popular option.  In just one office visit, we can whiten your teeth by up to an impressive eight shades.

The Whitening For Life Program

Another highly popular option, this one puts the power and control into the hands of our patients.

When you sign up to join the program, the first thing we’ll do is ask you into our office to take an impression of your teeth.  Using that impression, we’ll have a set of custom bleaching trays made for you in a process that takes about a week.

Once we get the trays back from our manufacturer, we’ll ask you to stop by our office again so we can give you the trays and a tube of our powerful bleaching gel, along with an instruction booklet on how to use it.

Armed with those tools, you’ll be able to whiten your teeth from the comfort of home, anytime you like.  Even better, as long as you stay current with your preventive care visits, we’ll give you another tube of the bleaching gel for free, every six months, for life.

The Kor Whitening System

Our most powerful whitening option.  This one works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen and its effects are permanent, unlike the other two options we mentioned.  It was specifically designed to tackle deep, persistent stains that other whitening options struggle to deal with.

If you’re not sure how to proceed, or which option is best for you, just stop by our office or give us a call.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and put you on the path to building the smile you’ve always wanted.