When you put off your dental checkup in Falls Church, VA, you are putting your teeth and oral health at risk. The cornerstone of healthy teeth and gums is getting to the dentist for that checkup, twice a year, regular as clockwork.

It’s so easy to put off. First of all, it’s not very exciting. It’s just one more thing to schedule in your already overloaded calendar. But consider that it is about an hour of your time, just twice a year. Such a small chunk of your day, and the benefits last your entire life.

Look at what a regular dental checkup in Falls Church, VA, does for you:

  • Let the dentist find small problems early, before they need major work
  • Allow the dental hygienist to thoroughly clean off buildup, which is the cause of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Make your smile bright and healthy looking
  • Keep your teeth and gums so healthy, you will have your teeth in good working condition your entire life

The dentist needs to visually check your teeth to see firsthand where the trouble spots are. He has special instruments that let him check in hard-to-reach areas. When he finds a tiny spot or sign of gum disease or decay, he can fix it quickly, either in a follow-up appointment or immediately. That means you sidestep problems like root canals, gingivitis, crowns and extractions.

When you take the hour today to go to your dental checkup in Falls Church, VA, you are preventing the need for hours upon hours in the dental chair in the future. In his exam and by checking X-rays as needed, the dentist can get an in-depth look at the state of your mouth. Not only does he look for signs of dental disease, he also checks for signs of abnormalities in the mouth that might indicate cancer or chronic disease like diabetes.

During a dental checkup in Falls Church, VA, the dental hygienist scrapes off the tartar and plaque that lead to cavities and gum infection. If you put off the treatment, more of it builds up. That means she has to scrape harder. If you’ve ever experienced discomfort during a cleaning, the most likely reason is you put off your appointment. Save yourself discomfort by going twice a year for a cleaning.

Regular cleaning makes your smile look its best. It gets rid of some of the staining that is normal on teeth. The polish after the cleaning makes them look healthy and shiny. Your smile is at its most attractive after a cleaning.

When you get the exam and the cleaning done every six months, your teeth and gums stay healthy. That means you will most likely keep your natural teeth throughout your life.

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