Many Springfield, VA dental patients who have missing teeth due to an accident, decay, or gum disease know what it is like to want to look as natural as possible with replacement teeth. If you are facing a missing teeth dilemma, you might ask yourself, “What is best for me, dentures or implants?” If you want something comparable to what you had with your original teeth, go with dental implants. Discuss your options with your local Springfield, VA dentist. Your dentist can guide you in the right direction for your ongoing dental health.

Your local dentist near Springfield, VA will explain the entire process of what is involved in replacing your missing teeth with dental implants. Exactly what is a dental implant? It is an appliance that is surgically implanted under your gum line. Over time this device will eventually fuse to the jaw which then allows for your Springfield, VA dentist to attach a metal post that acts as the “root” so that an artificial tooth or a bridge of artificial teeth can be affixed.

Dental implants may also be placed to hold a bridge or a denture in place. Full dentures can be made to snap into place over implants so that your denture will stay in place and function better for you. There are many different options you have for dental implants and your local Springfield, VA dentist can explain what the best options are for your particular oral health care.

Probably one of the best aspects of a dental implant is that it is permanent. If you are only missing one tooth, a dental implant is your best solution. Wearing a partial denture to replace just one tooth doesn’t appeal to too many people in Springfield, VA, so in essence; they tend not to do anything to replace a missing tooth, especially if it is located in an unseen part of your smile. The problem without any replacement is that your other teeth will start to move inward where the tooth is missing.

That is why dental implants are highly suggested by most Springfield, VA dentists. A dental implant that replaces a missing tooth is also replacing the root of the tooth that is missing; therefore, it prevents any further bone loss that would occur with just a partial denture or nothing at all.

Your Springfield, VA dentist will do a thorough examination which includes the evaluation of the bone in your jaw that will hold the implant. Dental implants require that a dental patient have enough bone in their jaw to hold the implant and allow for successful dental implant surgery.

Deciding which option is the best way for you to repair your smile, whether you want dentures or implants, is not an easy decision to make. Maybe if you look at some of the benefits of dental implants for dental patients near Springfield, VA, you can make a better-informed decision.

Dental Implants—

  • improves appearance, boosting self-confidence
  • improves speech
  • are a permanent solution to tooth loss, typically lasting a lifetime to the patient when they maintain their oral health.
  • increases the ability to chew, which allows Springfield, VA patients to be able to eat the favorite foods that they normally can’t eat with dentures
  • look completely natural like original teeth
  • cost more upfront; however, the value of dental implants are seen over time because implants last for a lifetime whereas dentures need relining every couple of years by your local Springfield, VA dentists and dentures will  need to be replaced several times in your lifetime, depending on your age or when you originally got your dentures

You may be asking yourself if you are a candidate for dental implants. A complete examination by your local Springfield, VA dentist will tell whether you are a good candidate or whether you may need bone grafts if you do not have enough bone to support the implant. Bone loss may come from periodontal disease, cysts, infections or an extracted tooth. Bone grafts are an effective way to replace missing bone, encourage bone formation and increase the amount of bone.

Contact the team at Annandale Smiles near Springfield, VA to discuss your concerns regarding dental implants. They will be happy to set up an appointment to see if you are a candidate for implants and discuss in detail the process and what to expect afterward.