In Falls Church, VA, the right dentist for your family is Annandale Smiles. The practice has earned a reputation in the local community for attention to detail, really caring about each patient, and using the most advanced equipment and techniques.

When you choose a dental practice, you need to keep four things in mind:

  • It should offer a full range of general, cosmetic and preventive dentistry treatments.
  • It should accept most insurance and offer payment options for those without insurance.
  • It should treat all ages.
  • It should use modern equipment and best practices.

That’s Annandale Smiles. For example, look at how it handles insurance and payment plans. First off, the administrative team at Annandale knows insurance coverage backward and forward. They take pride in getting the most out of your insurance. They will even bill your insurer directly, saving you the hassle of filling out paperwork.

If you don’t have insurance, the practice has three payment options. The first is actually an in-house form of insurance with no deductibles, no pre-authorization and no yearly maximums. Called Platinum Membership, it is available to every patient. You can also use two third-party plans that offer flexible monthly payments. Talk to a staff member for more information about these three options.

What is important to know is that Annandale Smiles is committed to getting dental care to everyone who needs it, regardless of income. They want everyone to enjoy excellent oral health.

Annandale Smiles is also a full service dentist office in Falls Church, VA. They handle all types of preventive care, like cleanings and exams. As general dentists, they take care of fillings, root canals and other treatments. Annandale provides a wide variety of cosmetic treatments, like dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and tooth-colored fillings.

One of the best features of the Annandale Smiles practice is the fact that they treat every member of the family. That includes toddlers, young children, teens and adults and seniors. This simplifies your life, making it easy to get children to the dentist in Falls Church, VA, for checkups. You no longer need to run all over town to different dentists.

The team at Annandale will let you know in advance when checkups are needed and remind you of appointments. You can even schedule them online!

Every member of the staff at Annandale Smiles is fully trained, with years of hands-on experience. The dentist, hygienist and assistants work with a variety of patients and conditions. This practical knowledge means you get in-depth care from skilled professionals. They keep up-to-date on recent trends in dental science. And the office uses the best and most efficient modern equipment available.

Make an appointment today with the dentist who cares in Falls Church, VA—Annandale Smiles.