In Falls Church, VA, fear of the dental practice is no joke. The fear and anxiety can be so intense that it prevents people from getting the dental care they need and deserve. The result is bad teeth, bad gums, and impaired overall health.

The majority of Americans admit to some level of anxiety at the thought of going to the dentist. About 75 percent say they toss and turn before an appointment and tend to put off making regular appointments. For about 20 percent, the fear is ratcheted a bit higher. They find themselves making appointments, then canceling them—over and over again. Often they never make it in. For about 10 percent, the fear doesn’t even let them make appointments.

Experts say the cause falls into certain categories, including:

  • Fear of experiencing pain in the dental chair
  • Feelings of losing control and becoming helpless during treatment
  • Embarrassment, possibly at the state of the patient’s mouth, but more likely simply because the mouth feels like a very private part of their body
  • A bad experience, usually when they were children

People actually express the fear in various ways. The majority find it hard to sleep before a dentist appointment. For others, the fear doesn’t hit until they get to the waiting room. Then it comes in waves.

Some are so fearful that they start crying when they just think of the dentist office. For a few, they feel nausea when they think of making an appointment. Others can make it into the dentist practice in Falls Church, VA, but then have breathing problems as soon as the dentist or assistant put instruments in their mouth.

The result is that a definite percent of the adult population isn’t making it into the dentist office to get the treatment that will keep their teeth, gums and overall health in good shape. To deal with these fears, Annandale Smiles offers minimal sedation dentistry. This dental practice serving Falls Church, VA, wants to make treatment available even to the most fearful.

The patient gets a single pill to take about an hour before the appointment. This relaxes them enough to go through with the dental work. In fact, they often don’t even remember what happened at the appointment. To keep the patient safe, a staff member monitors pulse and blood pressure throughout.

Annandale Smiles, which is located nearby in Annandale, VA, has a reputation for really caring about each patient. And that includes those with anxiety and phobias. The practice provides a full range of dental services, including preventive, general and cosmetic care.

For more information about minimal sedation dentistry, call the dental practice that cares in Falls Church, VA—Annandale Smiles.