Determined to keep your teeth in great shape for a lifetime? Your best friend is your local dentist in Annandale, VA. The skilled staff at Annandale Smiles has years of experience helping patients just like you with all their oral health needs.

Annandale Smiles is a full-service dental office, offering:

  • General dentistry, like fillings, infection control and root canals
  • Preventive dentistry, like checkups and cleanings
  • Cosmetic dentistry, including laser teeth whitening, implants and veneers
  • Sedation dentistry to help anxious patients handle the dental appointment without fear

When you visit your local dentist in Annandale, VA, you benefit from their years of training and hands-on work with a variety of patients. They treat toddlers, young people and teens, and adults and seniors. Whatever age you and the members of your family are, they know how to keep your teeth and gums in great shape.

Going to a single dental office definitely simplifies your life. You don’t have to keep track of appointments all over town. Instead, you head to just one office, whichever family member is getting treated. And the staff is happy to send out emails or phone you to remind you about scheduling checkups.

Worried about the cost? The team at Annandale Smiles is committed to the idea that everyone deserves good oral care. The administrative staff will make sure you get the most out of your insurance coverage. They will even bill the insurer directly, saving you paperwork and time.

If you don’t have insurance, they can explain the three different types of payment plans available at Annandale Smiles and help you find a plan that fits your budget.

Do you want to improve your smile? Your local dentist in Annandale, VA, is the place to go. They have the latest equipment and training to ensure your smile is bright and healthy. In fact, they know that a beautiful smile usually means your teeth and gums are in great shape.

Annandale Smiles offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments. The most commonly requested is laser teeth whitening, a powerful, professional procedure that gets our teeth their whitest. They have almost-invisible adult braces, porcelain veneers, dental implants and teeth-colored fillings.

When it’s time for any type of dental work, the clinic can handle it. The experts on staff, from the dentist to the hygienist, assistants to administrative team, are your go-to pros for every phase of oral care. If your son gets a tooth knocked out, they can handle emergency care. When your pre-teen needs braces, they can provide them. If you want whiter teeth, they can do the work.

When it’s time for a checkup, call your local dentist in Annandale, VA, at Annandale Smiles.