A local dentist in Falls Church, VA, can provide excellent oral health care for every member of the family. The team at Annandale Smiles has years of experience treating a wide range of tooth and gum problems and providing cutting-edge cosmetic care.

For a busy family like yours, it’s just confusing trying to keep track of dental appointments all over town. You can simplify your life by choosing a single local dentist in Falls Church, VA, for every member of the family. That means preventive care for toddlers and school age children. Take your teens to the same dentist for braces. The dentist can treat the adults and seniors in your family with preventive and cosmetic care.  

You can get all types of dental treatment at Annandale Smiles, including:

  • General dentistry, like fillings and root canals
  • Cosmetic dentistry, like teeth whitening and veneers
  • Preventive dentistry, like checkups and cleaning
  • Sedation dentistry for the fearful

When you choose Annandale Smiles, you are teaming up with friendly, caring staff that wants you to keep your teeth for a lifetime of good use. They make it easy for you to schedule appointments, even online! They will call or email to remind you when it’s time to come in.

Worried about the cost? Especially when you’ve got a family, the expense of dental care can be intimidating. Annandale Smiles makes it as easy as possible on you and your budget to get the care you need and deserve. The administrative staff is expert at getting the most out of your insurance. They will even bill your insurer directly, saving you the hassle of dealing with paperwork.

If you don’t have insurance, you have options when you make Annandale Smiles your local dentist in Falls Church, VA. The practice offers its own in-house payment plan. Or you can use one of two third-party plans. The staff is happy to explain the features and help you choose the best one for your budget.

Many adults want cosmetic care to keep their smile looking its best. The team at Annandale Smiles has years of experience with the most advanced teeth whitening programs. You can get your teeth several shades whiter in just one visit! Ask your dentist about your choices of whitening systems.

Are you embarrassed by crooked teeth? So many adults didn’t get the chance to have work done when they were young. Thanks to the newest dental technology, you can get straight teeth as an adult. It can take just months instead of years, and most people don’t even realize you’re having the work done! Annandale Smiles offers Invisalign and Six Month Smiles.

Call today to make an appointment at Annandale Smiles, your expert local dentist in Falls Church, VA.