Are you afraid of the dentist? You’re not alone. About half the population reports a certain level of anxiety when it comes to dentist visits. For some people, it is much worse than feeling a bit anxious. It can actually be paralyzing.

If fear is keeping you from getting the oral health care you need, there is a solution. Annandale Smiles offers minimal sedation dentistry in Annandale, VA. It is safe and effective. Take just a single little pill about half an hour before your appointment. You will stay relaxed throughout the treatment. In fact, you might not even remember it!

During your visit, your vital signs are monitored by one of the dental staff. They check your pulse and blood pressure throughout. The emphasis of the treatment is on minimal. You get the smallest amount of medication needed to handle your severe anxiety.

The benefits of minimal sedation dentistry in Annandale, VA, are enormous:

  • You get the oral health care you need and deserve.
  • You stay comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment.
  • Your health is monitored for the entire visit.
  • You remember little, if any, of the treatment.

While patients suffer from severe dental anxiety, their teeth and gums aren’t getting the regular dental care they need. Even making an appointment for a checkup or cleaning is impossible for them to face.

Meanwhile, what is happening to your teeth and gums? Yes, you are probably brushing and maybe even flossing at home. But that doesn’t get all the plaque off your teeth. The plaque turns to tartar and hardens, causing tooth decay. It can get below the gum line, causing gum disease.

Many fearful patients are trapped in a cycle of making an appointment and then cancelling it at the last minute. They never actually make it to the dentist for care. Is that you? You can break the cycle by arranging for sedation dentistry. It is safe and has worked for many patients around the country.

Annandale Smiles wants to make your trip to the dentist as comfortable as possible. That’s why the dentist and staff take the time to answer your questions and explain what they are doing during treatment. You can ask for a tour of the equipment that the dentist uses during treatment. Often just knowing what the various devices do makes them less intimidating.

Annandale Smiles is a full-service dental practice. It provides a variety of cosmetic procedures, like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental implants. If you need preventive care, like cleanings and checkups, Annandale is the place to go. It also provides all types of general dentistry, like root canals and fillings.

Call Annandale Smiles today to find out more about minimal sedation dentistry in Annandale, VA.