Has it been a while since you’ve been to the dentist for a checkup?  If you can’t remember the last time you made an appointment, then you’re almost certainly overdue.  As the area’s top-rated dentist office, our Falls Church, Va preventive care services are second to none, so we’ll take good care of you.

The bottom line is, good oral health starts with regular checkups and preventive care.  Our Falls Church, Va preventive care regimen consists of two main components: The routine exam and a thorough cleaning of your teeth.  Both are essential, and recommended at six-month intervals.

Allowing us to take a good, close look at your teeth, mouth and gums on a regular basis gives us the opportunity to keep a watchful eye on all things related to your oral health and spot problems while they’re still small.

All else being equal, small problems are easier, cheaper, and less painful to fix than big ones, so regular checkups can save you time, pain and money.  Nobody likes being in pain, and everybody likes saving money, so that’s a big win on several fronts at once.

The biggest advantage to having your teeth cleaned every six months is that it keeps plaque from building up on your teeth.  Plaque is bad news, and a much bigger problem than most people realize. Keeping it from collecting on your teeth helps you in three different ways:

  1. It minimizes your risk of cavities.  We wish we could say that regular teeth cleaning would eliminate the possibility of ever developing cavities, but sadly, that’s not true.  It will minimize your risk though, and the fewer cavities you have, the fewer fillings, root canals or extractions you’ll need. That’s huge.
  2. It minimizes your risk of gum disease.  Gum disease is even worse than cavities, because if left unchecked, gum disease can lead to bone loss, which will ultimately cause your teeth to start falling out.  

    If you let things get to that point, not only are you in for a world of physical pain, but the options to fix things at that point are both painful and unpleasant.  Our Falls Church, Va preventive care program can help make sure you never have to worry about that.
  3. Plaque is one of the leading causes of halitosis, otherwise known as chronic bad breath.  Granted, that’s not as big a problem as the other two items on our list, but who wants to have bad breath, especially when the problem is so easy to solve?

Our office is the short path to great oral health.  No matter how long it’s been since your last checkup, give us a call today to schedule your appointment.  We’ll get you taken care of, and on the road to building the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.