Did you know that teeth whitening near Fairfax, VA is the number one requested cosmetic dentistry procedure patients ask for? Do you see others who have a brighter, whiter smile and wonder how they keep their teeth so white? Maybe they avoid drinking wine, soda, tea, and coffee and have never smoked and are adequate in their oral health routine. Probably not. Although avoiding these drinks will undoubtedly lead to a whiter smile, they may have possibly had teeth whitening by their local Fairfax, VA dentist.

Teeth whitening is done by applying a chemical agent to a patient’s teeth to remove stains and discolorations, which make them appear brighter. This teeth whitening procedure can be done at the local dentist’s office, or the dentist may make special trays from the impressions of your teeth that are sent home with the patient along with a special gel so they can do it in the comfort of their home in Fairfax, VA.

There are many reasons why Fairfax, VA dental patients choose teeth whitening by their cosmetic dentist. There is nothing worse than being ashamed of your smile because your teeth are yellow or stained. First impressions can be critical, and it only takes a few people to stare at your teeth and make you feel uncomfortable before you might decide now is the time to invest in yourself and have your teeth whitened.

When you avoid smiling because you know your teeth are discolored, other people may perceive you as cold, rude, disrespectful, or unapproachable. You certainly don’t want that, so let’s understand why so many Fairfax, VA dental patients these days have teeth whitening procedures done.

  1. Self Confidence—Many people relate their confidence by their appearance. Teeth whitening procedures by your local Fairfax, VA cosmetic dentist can create a bright, astonishing smile which can increase your confidence in yourself.
  2. Improves Professional Life—Teeth whitening can increase your chances of snagging that new job near Fairfax, VA. Having yellow teeth keeps one from giving their best smile, and a gleaming smile shows your potential boss you have the confidence in yourself and can give your best to your customers and coworkers.
  3. Improves Dating Life—A brighter, whiter smile shows others that you are friendly, interested, and willing to communicate. Teeth whitening may improve your chances with others who will take more of an interest in you because of your genuine smile.
  4. Special Occasions—For those special occasions such as a job interview, class reunion, or a wedding, you want to look your very best. Teeth whitening can give you a beautiful smile for those special occasions.
  5. Stubborn Stains—The Fairfax, VA community enjoys their coffee, tea, and wine. These drinks can stain your teeth. Smoking will also stain your teeth. Teeth whitening can remove these stubborn stains. If you are trying to quit smoking, teeth whitening will help you to achieve your goals because once you see your white smile, you won’t want to restain them by continuing to smoke.
  6. Aging Teeth—As you grow older, the natural aging process can cause your teeth to yellow, which makes you look that much older. Try teeth whitening by your dentist near Fairfax, VA for a newer, younger you.
  7. Improves Oral Hygiene—Most people that invest in teeth whitening to improve their smile will also take better care of their teeth. They will take the extra time to brush and floss and visit their Fairfax, VA dentist for their regular checkups.

Teeth whitening can make significant changes to your life. Most people near Fairfax, VA want more youthful-looking skin and will invest in cosmetic surgery to gain a more youthful look but without proper teeth whitening, you will still be missing out on the full potential of looking that much younger.

Compared to other cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening near Fairfax, VA is relatively inexpensive. Call a local Fairfax, VA dentist office such as Annandale Smiles and make an appointment to come in and discuss which teeth whitening procedure will give you the best results.

Annandale Smiles near Fairfax, VA has several different teeth whitening methods. They will first recommend a routine checkup and thorough cleaning by a hygienist. Once that is finished and any other dental work that may be recommended, they will be glad to discuss which teeth whitening method will be best for you and set you up with an appointment.