Getting quality dental care is important for the health and well-being of every member of your family. Choosing the best dentist office near Falls Church, VA, is vital to ensuring your family receives proper oral health care over their lifetime.

Before making your decision, consider the following questions and recommendations from various dental industry organizations to identify the dentist office near Falls Church, VA, that can best meet your needs.

Dental Office Location and Hours

Is the dental office near Falls Church, VA, convenient for you from home, work, or school functions? Do they offer a variety of office hours to accommodate your busy schedule?

Professional Education and Training of Dentist Office Staff

Ask about the ongoing professional training and certification of the dental team. Are they properly trained, accredited, and licensed by the state board? Do they have specific training in one or more dental specialties, such as endodontics, cosmetic or restorative dentistry? Are they able to care for patients with special needs? Is there a high priority given to cleanliness and infection prevention?

Preventive Care and Available Dental Services

What is their preventive care philosophy? Does the dental office offer a full menu of oral health care, or will you need referrals to specialists for certain procedures? Finding a dental office near Falls Church, VA, offering comprehensive care in one location can save you time, money, and scheduling headaches.

Treatment Cost and Payment Options

Ask for a menu of basic fees and services both with and without dental insurance coverage. Are they participants in your dental plan? Do they offer a variety of convenient payment options, including checks, credit and debit cards, online payment, and flexible financing plans?

Dental Office Amenities and Communication

Most importantly, are you comfortable with the dental office staff? Do they ask questions, listen, and offer understandable explanations? Is the office designed for your comfort? Do they offer sedation and anesthesia when needed? Do they go out of their way to ensure your personal comfort? Are procedures, options, and costs detailed before treatment? Does their billing system provide the information you need when you need it? Are they happy to help you make the most cost-effective decisions for your family’s dental care?

Dental Emergencies

What procedures are in place to address dental emergencies both during and outside of office hours? Who will you contact in the event your dentist is unavailable? Do they reassure you that your dental emergencies will be treated as a priority with immediate results?