For many dental patients near Alexandria, VA, going to the dentists is an uncomfortable experience. The more patients realize the benefits of sedation dentistry, the more they are eager about fixing their dental issues to improve their oral health and have a better smile. Some of the reasons dental patients choose sedation dentistry from their Alexandria, VA dentists include—

  • Dental Phobia—Young children, as well as many adults, relate going to a doctor or dentist as a potential for induced pain. Children who have had a traumatic dental experience in their younger childhood may be hesitant to visit a dentist as an adult. Using sedation dentistry can give them a much more pleasant experience. If young children experience any apprehension about visiting a local Alexandria, VA dentist, sedation dentistry might be the answer. This way they grow up to trust going to the dentist instead of being frightened.
  • Painless—When sedation dentistry is used, the sedative agents induce relaxation and alters the perception of pain by the brain. These drugs block the nervous system transmission of the pain signal; therefore, the dental patient feels no pain. This is one of the main reasons dental patients prefer sedation dentistry near Alexandria, VA.
  • Anxiety-Free—Most dental patients feel some sort of anxiety because of the unknown—will it hurt? It is a preconceived notion that many feel about going to the local dentist near Alexandria, VA. Sedation dentistry can significantly relax both the patient’s body and mind and help manage the overwhelming anxiety that so many dental patients have during any dental work, even for just a simple cleaning or examination.
  • Sensitive Teeth—Alexandria, VA dental patients who have sensitive teeth often feel pain during an examination and dental cleaning. Just slight pressure on a tooth can send pain signals down a patient’s spine. It is extremely uncomfortable for those dental patients who have receding gums or gum disease to have any kind of dental work performed but with the help of sedation dentistry, the patient can relax and allow the Alexandria, VA dentist to perform the necessary treatments needed to maintain their oral health.
  • Gag Reflex—Some dental patients experience a gag reflex when anything enters their mouth, except for maybe a utensil for eating. Those patients who can’t get through a simple examination without gagging will undoubtedly want to discuss sedation dentistry with their local Alexandria, VA dentist to make their visit much more comfortable and possible for the dentist to do his work.
  • Extensive Procedures—Any Alexandria, VA dental patient who is going to undergo extensive dental work will find it much easier to endure with sedation dentistry. Often times a patient will get fidgety and need many breaks during any lengthy procedure, and with sedation dentistry, it allows the local Alexandria, VA dentist to continue to work inside your mouth without any interruptions which for you will make your visit much shorter. Although there will be an additional cost for sedation dentistry, it may even save you extra money in the long run by having all your dental work done in one setting rather than have to go back for several different visits.

Check with your local Alexandria, VA dentist to see if you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry. Your dentist will go over your medical history to see if there are any overall health concerns and will either recommend sedation dentistry after your evaluation or explain why he thinks it is not safe for your particular circumstances.

The dentists at Annandale Smile near Alexandria, VA want to make your visit as comfortable as possible for any dental treatment you may require. If you request sedation dentistry, you will be given a pill to take about an hour before you arrive for your appointment. You will be closely monitored during your procedure, monitoring your pulse and your blood pressure. Before you know it, you will be finished your treatment unaware of the passing time, in a totally relaxed state.

Most Alexandria, VA dental patients do not remember anything about their dental procedure. They remember a little about getting them ready to go home. For this reason, anytime you have sedation dentistry, you are required to have an adult drive you to and from your dental appointment.