Adult Braces Correct Shifting Teeth for Adults near Arlington, VA

Do you want to smile more? Then you should start thinking about getting braces even if you are an adult. The next step is to make an appointment with our professionals at Annandale Smiles. We want you to stop and think if any of these is a problem. Is it difficult to speak clearly along with biting and chewing? Are your teeth crowded together or protruding out of your mouth? If the answer is yes, then you want to think about getting your teeth straightened. There is very little discomfort to worry about due to advancements in technology. This means you won’t feel the pain that is often associated with having braces put on.

Now that adults are living longer, they are often finding that their teeth have shifted in their mouths. Even though they might be older, they still want a straight and even smile, and our team at Annandale Smiles is ready to ensure this is possible. We want to help people to be happy with their smiles, and we know that this often means getting braces later in life. Some of the reasons we cite that adult braces might be ideal for our patients near Fairfax, VA include,

  • Options other than metal
  • Improve ability to take care of your teeth
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Speak clearly
  • Eat more easily
  • Improved appearance
  • Better oral health
  • Less pain
  • Fewer cavities
  • Few trips to the dentist
  • Prevent tooth loss
  • Less embarrassment
  • Improved self-esteem

Did you know that your teeth can shift at any age? This can be caused by an injury, a health condition, or simply natural growth. You could have had straight teeth in the past, but are now looking at a crooked smile. Even adults that previously wore braces are finding that they now need them again. Remember, your teeth will continue to shift and change throughout your life. These are only some of the reasons why you might find yourself asking about adult braces from your Fairfax, VA dentist at Annandale Smiles. You also might want to ask yourself if you wore your retainer as told by your dentist when you were younger. Though the reasons for needing to straighten your teeth again will vary, everyone with crooked teeth should ask about adult braces from their Fairfax, VA dentist.

There have been multiple studies showing teeth becoming misaligned is just as common when you’re an adult, as it was when you were younger. It can also still lead to the same oral health problems. At Annandale Smiles, we want you to be aware of the impact this can have on your oral health. The problems with your teeth will make it more difficult to care for them. Some of the problems that often occur include cavities and gum disease. Your tooth enamel can start to wear away, and now you’re dealing with teeth that are stained. Aches and pains in your head, ears and jaw can also occur. Just by wearing adult braces from your Fairfax, VA dentist can help you prevent these and other problems.

If your teeth aren’t straight or your bite is not right, this can cause problems with your mouth. Headaches and earaches can also become painful problems if you don’t seek treatment for your crooked or misaligned teeth. Also, an improper bite can make it difficult to chew your food properly. Gastrointestinal problems can also occur, and this is something that no one wants to deal with. If you have been biting your cheek or the roof of your mouth without intention and regularly, it could mean that you need adult braces installed by your Fairfax, VA dentist.

Every time you smile, it impacts the people around you, and you want it to be in a positive way. When you’re embarrassed to show your teeth and constantly try to hide your crooked smile people will notice, and this can begin to affect almost every aspect of your life. This is when you want to start thinking about getting adult braces from your dentist near Fairfax, VA.

Maybe your teeth have always been crooked, and braces weren’t an option in your teenage years. Or perhaps you are dealing with severe jaw pain. You might be having trouble brushing, and flossing might be almost impossible. Did you know that your oral health can even have an impact on your ability to get a job and affect your social life? Why not get adult braces near Fairfax, VA and correct your smile? Sure, there might be a few months or possibly years of wearing a straightener on your teeth. Trust us, you’ll be glad that you did. Best of all, you’ll no longer feel self-conscious when you smile. All of this is thanks to having adult braces put on by your dentist near Fairfax, VA.

Another thing to consider, if your missing teeth and thinking about getting dental implants, you will have to get braces before you can consider that treatment option. The rest of your teeth must be straight, so your dentist can take an accurate mold. Without it, the implants won’t fit your jaw. This is just one more reason to talk to Annandale Smiles about adult braces near Fairfax, VA.

Braces have changed completely since you were younger, and this is good news. Gone are the annoying rubber bands, and even the painful tightening procedure is no longer necessary. One type of adult braces that are popular near Fairfax, VA are the Invisalign liners. Made from a durable clear, plastic material, no one ever needs to know that you are wearing them. You can eat all your favorite foods since you don’t have to worry about particles getting stuck in your braces. You can even care for your teeth like normal, effectively reducing your risk for other oral health problems. Since adult braces from a Fairfax, VA dentist are virtually pain-free and can be put on in one visit, it’s hard to find an adult that isn’t glad that they didn’t put off this often-important procedure.

Unfortunately, braces can still be expensive and not all insurance plans cover the cost. Paying out of pocket for adult braces near Fairfax, VA often isn’t an option. Don’t worry, we are here to help ensure that you get the dental care you need. At Annandale Smiles, we can provide in-house insurance plans that will make adult braces a more affordable option. Our goal at Annandale Smiles is to be the only dental practice our patients will need.

We want all our patients to have healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. For some of our clients, this means wearing braces later in life. With more of our patients living longer, we have seen the number of them that need adult braces increasing over the years. To ensure that you keep your teeth throughout your adult life, we recommend scheduling regular appointments with us. This way if your teeth start to move, we can catch it before it becomes an embarrassing problem.

With all the reasons why discussing adult braces with your Fairfax, VA dentist can benefit your health, there is no reason not to. This means if your smile is embarrassing it can be corrected, usually in a relatively brief period of time. In most cases, after the initial exam and fitting, it will only take a day for you to get your braces put on. Best of all, you won’t have to go back for multiple follow-up visits. Most adults even forget that they’re wearing their new aligners after a few days. There is nothing to fear about getting braces put on your teeth, but we do understand that visits to the dentist can be stressful. If our private exam rooms and friendly staff can put you at ease, we can provide a nitrous oxide treatment free of charge. This alone is one of the reasons why we are often the first choice when adult braces are needed by residents near Fairfax, VA.

You can learn more about adult braces near Fairfax, VA from the professionals at Annandale Smiles.