Affordable Teeth Implants near Springfield, VA Are a Better Value

If you’ve looked into the possibility of getting implants as an alternative to dentures, then you might think the phrase, ‘affordable teeth implants near Springfield, VA’ is pure fantasy. After all, dentures are significantly cheaper than implants, right?

Well, not exactly.

The two types of dental appliances are very different, and once you start digging into those differences, as we’ll do in this article, you’ll see that implants are superior in almost every way and represent a much better value for the money.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the upfront costs though, since that’s what most people are most concerned about, and with good reason. At first glance, yes, dentures seem to be a whole lot cheaper, but this is actually the first of the major differences between the two products:

Dentures are temporary. Even under ideal conditions, your dentures might last you a year or two, at which point, you’ll have to schedule another appointment with the dentist and get fitted for a new set.

Sure, one set of dentures might not cost much money, but over the course of your life, how many do you think you’ll need if you’re replacing them every year or two?

That number will obviously differ from one person to the next. Whatever your estimate is, multiply the cost per set of dentures by that value, then factor in the inconvenience of having to set up all those extra appointments and that will give you a better cost comparison, because implants are permanent. Once they’re in your head, they’ll probably outlast you, so it’s not really fair to compare one set of dentures to implants.

In a related vein, we also need to talk about insurance. One of the main reasons dentures tend not to cost very much is the fact that most dental insurance plans cover part of the cost of getting them, while relatively few plans have coverage provisions for implants.

One of the first things we recommend to anyone weighing their options between the two is to call your insurance carrier and check to see if there are any coverage provisions for implants. If your policy has such provisions, then affordable teeth implants near Springfield, VA are easily within your grasp, and it really becomes no contest.

There’s more to consider than just the cost though, and when you compare dentures with implants side by side, implants win by almost every measure you can imagine. Here are a few examples of what we mean:

  1. Denture wearers have dietary restrictions. You’ll have to say goodbye to corn on the cob, chips and salsa, nuts, popcorn, and a wide variety of other foods you love. If you wear dentures and try to eat those kinds of foods, you’ll wind up with small particles getting trapped between your dentures and your gums which will lead to painful inflammation.

  2. Where corn on the cob is concerned, it’s incredibly likely that taking a bite out of an ear of corn will result in the dentures getting torn right out of your head, which is embarrassing, to say the least. This is because the only thing keeping your dentures in your head is a weak adhesive that has to be applied daily, making dentures much more high maintenance than implants.

    Needless to say, with implants, there are no dietary restrictions. You can eat what you want without having to think or worry about it.

  3. Dentures are just more high maintenance in general. Every night, you’ll have to take them out and drop them into a glass of cleaning solution. You may forget to do that early on, but you won’t forget very often, because your gums will give you a painful reminder if you do. Implants don’t require anything in the way of special care. Just brush or floss like you’re doing now and you’re all set.
  4. Because dentures aren’t firmly affixed to your gums, they tend to change the speaking patterns of those who wear them, causing denture wearers to speak with a slight lisp. Implants don’t impact your speech patterns in the slightest.
  5. Again, owing to the fact that there’s not much keeping your dentures in place, they tend to fall out easily, especially when you’re talking, chewing, laughing, coughing or sneezing. None of that will ever cause your implants to fall out. In fact, barring a catastrophic accident, it’s just not something you’ll ever have to worry about.

There is one disadvantage that comes with implants, however, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it. Getting implants requires invasive surgery, and there will be some pain during the recovery period. Dentures, on the other hand, don’t require an invasive procedure of any kind. For some people, that makes implants a deal breaker because they don’t like the idea of having oral surgery to see implants installed.

In any case, the above gives you a much more complete picture, and as you can see, the idea of affordable teeth implants near Springfield, VA isn’t a fantasy after all. In fact, given their various advantages, implants are actually a tremendously good value for the money, even if they’re not for everyone.

Ultimately there are no right answers to the question of which one is better. The only thing that really matters is which solution is better for you. If, after reading this article, you’re still on the fence about which way to go, just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Whichever way you decide to go, we’ve got you covered, and if you opt for affordable teeth implants near Springfield, VA, we can help make that happen!