Completely Safe Sedation Dentistry at Annandale Smiles Near Burke, VA

Sedation dentistry near Burke, VA is a fairly simple process. What happens first is that you take a pill an hour or two before your operation time is set. You will then doze off and wake up a few hours later with the appointment having been completed. Obviously, since you will be asleep during the appointment, you will need somebody else from Burke, VA to assist you to the appointment. They can drive you to your appointment and assist as needed along the way.

Many more Burke, VA residents are resorting to sedation dentistry as a quick and easy way to get through difficult dentist visits. If you would like to join this number, make sure to follow the proper safety precautions and familiarize yourself with them ahead of time. We have had a few people come in for their appointment alone and ask for sedation dentistry which simply does not work. You will need a friend who can bring you home after the appointment because it is unsafe to drive directly following a sedation dentistry appointment near Burke, VA. This is because you may not be fully aware yet after having taken the sedation pills. The entire process is completely safe, however, so there is no need to worry at all. As you know, we have been providing sedation dentistry as an option for quite some time to Burke, VA customers and it really has become a great method to getting through tough dentist visits.

If you are unsure if sedation dentistry is the best choice for you, let us know and we will help you make a decision. Sedation dentistry is still not perfect but it is a wonderful option if you are a little bit queasy or dislike dentist visits near Burke, VA. No matter your situation, we know that through our sedation dentistry program, as well as our other options, we will be able to take care of you better than any other dental office in the Burke, VA area.