Centreville, VA Cosmetic Dentist Offers Different Teeth Straightening Methods

How happy are you with the quality of your smile? If you’re like most people, there are at least a few things you’d change about it. As the premier cosmetic dentist near Centreville, VA, we can help with that when you’re ready to get started.

Each person’s path to the smile they’ve always wanted will be different, but in general, here’s the plan of action we recommend:

  1. Your oral health comes first. Let’s get you in and have a look at your teeth. That gives us an opportunity to make a plan and give them a thorough cleaning. Then we can start systematically addressing any issues we find.
  2. While we’re going about the business of addressing whatever issues we found during your initial checkup, we’ll also get you on a preventive care program that will see you making regular visits to our office at about six-month intervals so we can clean your teeth regularly and make sure no new problems develop.
  3. Once we’ve optimized your oral health, we can sit down with you and map out a strategy to start building the smile you’ve always wanted. As the #1 cosmetic dentist near Centreville, VA, we have tons of great options to choose from. Ultimately though, an award-winning smile comes down primarily to two things – straight teeth and white teeth. We recommend tackling those issues in that order.

If you need your teeth straightened, we’ve got two fantastic options that you’ll almost certainly like a lot better than conventional braces.

The Six Month Smiles Program

While conventional braces could take up to two years to straighten your teeth, these braces get the job done in a fraction of the time. Combine that with the fact that they’re virtually invisible, and it’s no wonder people prefer them over conventional braces!.

The Invisalign Program

These are virtually invisible, form-fitting caps designed to be worn over your teeth. The reason so many people prefer them over conventional braces is the fact that it’s a trivial matter to take the caps out and put them back in later, giving you virtually unlimited flexibility and control.

When it comes to whitening your teeth, as the premier cosmetic dentist near Centreville, VA, we’re proud to offer three different technologies.

Our Zoom! In-Office Whitening Treatment

Fast, simple, and effective, this treatment is guaranteed to whiten your teeth by up to eight shades. Given its sheer convenience, it’s our most popular teeth whitening option.

The Whitening For Life Program

A lot of our patients love this plan because it puts the power and control in their hands, allowing them to whiten their teeth on their schedule and from the comfort of home.

The best part about the program is the fact that as long as you stay current with your preventive care visits, you get a free tube of bleaching gel every six months, for unlimited whitening!

The Kor Whitening System

Not everyone will need this option. It is specifically designed to tackle deep, persistent stains that our other whitening technologies struggle with. It works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen, and unlike our other whitening options, its effects are entirely permanent.

Again, it’s not for everyone, but if you’ve got tough stains on your teeth, it might be perfect for you.!

Your journey toward the smile you’ve always wanted begins with a phone call to our office. We can’t wait to hear from you.