Cosmetic Dentist near Falls Church, VA Creates a Roadmap to a Great Smile

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Achieve a Better Smile at a Cosmetic Dentist near Falls Church, VA

Your oral health is vital, no doubt. In fact, your oral health will help boost your overall level of health, making it more important than many people realize. As important as it is though, that’s not the only thing that matters. After all, once you achieve great oral health, most people want to start focusing at least a bit on aesthetics – the quality of their smile.

If you’re not 100% happy with your smile the way it is right now, we can help with that. We offer a full range of cosmetic dentist services near Falls Church, VA, and can work with you to create a “roadmap” that will put you on the path to achieving the smile you’ve always wanted.

Below, we’ll outline some of the great cosmetic services we offer to give you a sense of what we can do for you:

Teeth Whitening Options

There are two primary keys to a great smile: White teeth and straight teeth. We’ll talk about teeth straightening options a bit later on, but for starters, let’s talk about the most commonly used of our cosmetic dentist services near Falls Church, VA.

We actually offer not one, but three different teeth whitening options, so you can pick the one that is the best overall fit for you. We’ll explain each of them just below.

Zoom! In-Office Whitening

This is our most popular option because it’s so fast and convenient. During the space of a single office visit, we can whiten your teeth by as much as eight shades. For the sake of comparison, you could achieve similar results by using over the counter whitening products, but to do so, you’d have to use them for at least two months!

Who wants to do that when there’s a faster, easier and more convenient method available? You could have significantly whiter teeth by this time tomorrow, and that’s awesome.

The Whitening For Life Program

While not as popular as our in-office whitening treatments, the people who are members of the “Whitening For Life” program absolutely swear by it. The main advantage this program offers is convenience.

When you enroll, we’ll ask you into our office so that we can take an impression of your teeth. We’ll use that impression to create a set of custom bleaching trays for you. That process takes about a week, and once we’ve got the trays in hand, we’ll invite you back to our office, so we can give you the trays, a tube of our bleaching gel, and an instruction booklet outlining how to use it.

Then, armed with those tools, you’re all set. You can whiten your teeth anytime you like, on your terms and according to your schedule. Even better, as long as you stay current with your preventive checkups, we’ll give you another tube of the bleaching gel every sit months, for free, for life!

Our Kor Whitening System

This is one of the less well-known cosmetic dentist services near Falls Church, VA. Most people don’t know about it because, for the overwhelming majority, the other two teeth whitening treatments work just fine.

There are a few people though, who have deep, persistent stains on their teeth that just don’t respond to conventional whitening treatments.

If that describes you, then you’re going to love the Kor Whitening system. It works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen and was specifically designed to tackle those tough stains that nothing else seems to be able to touch. Also, unlike the other whitening treatments we offer, the effects of this one are entirely permanent.

Adult Braces Options

As part of our extensive array of cosmetic dentist near Falls Church, VA, we offer not one, but two different alternatives to conventional braces. These are:

The Six Month Smiles Program

As most people who have done a bit of research into the matter know, conventional braces can take up to two years to straighten your teeth. The braces used in this program are significantly faster because they take your back teeth out of the equation.

That matters because your back teeth tend to respond to realignment much more slowly than your front ones do. Combine that with the fact that these braces are virtually invisible, and it’s easy to see why this is such a popular option.

The Invisalign Program

While the Invisalign program doesn’t offer significant time savings when it comes to straightening your teeth, it offers another important advantage that many of our patients find compelling. You can pop these custom-fitting caps out and put them back in with ease.

Think about the flexibility that affords you. If you only wanted to wear your caps at night and straighten your teeth while you slept, you can do that (granted, it would take longer). If you have an important dinner or family function to attend, it’s a trivial matter to just pop them out for the duration, then put them back in later, when you get home.

For sheer convenience, nothing beats Invisalign in terms of teeth straightening!

Other Cosmetic Services

Dentures and Partials

As we get older, our teeth start to wear out. That’s why most older people at some point wind up getting dentures or partials. These are cheap, lightweight replacements for teeth that have to be extracted because they’ve just reached the end of the road.

The great thing about dentures is the fact that most dental insurance policies cover at least some, and in many cases all of the cost of getting them. That means very little out of pocket expense for you.

Unfortunately, dentures have a lot of drawbacks, not the least of which are the facts that:

  • They’re incredibly fragile. Best case, even if you’re super careful with them, you’ll only get a year or two of life out of them. Then, you’ll have to get a new set.
  • They’re high maintenance. Every night you have to take them out and drop them in a glass for cleaning.
  • They tend to interfere with your natural speech patterns, including the fact that they tend to clack and clatter strangely when you speak.
  • They interfere with your diet. Say goodbye to things like corn on the cob and nachos. The former will have a tendency to pull the dentures right out of your head, while the latter will get between the dentures and your gums, causing you no end of pain and irritation.
  • They tend to fall out on their own, even if you’re not eating anything that’s problematic. This, of course, can be highly embarrassing.

That’s not to say that dentures are bad. For all their faults, they’re a good (but not great) option, and they’re highly affordable. Even so, implants are pound for pound better.


Implants are very different from dentures. Although they are superior in just about every way, they’re also enormously more expensive than dentures, and most of the time, insurance policies don’t cover them, which means if you’ve got your heart set on implants, you’ll be paying out of pocket.

For this reason, implants are among the least utilized of our cosmetic dentist services near Falls Church, VA. Good as they are, unless you’ve got a dental insurance policy that will help cover the cost, they’re just out of reach for a lot of people.

Basically, implants undo or get around every single disadvantage we talked about with dentures. They are the ultimate solution and will probably outlast you. If you can afford them, we highly recommend them!

Porcelain Veneers

Sometimes, simpler is better. If you’ve got a chipped tooth you don’t want to have repaired for whatever reason, or a stain that’s just not responsive to any of our whitening treatments, we can simply cover it up.

Porcelain veneers are how we go about that. These are “overlays” we put atop your existing teeth, giving them a lustrous, healthy appearance at low-cost to you. It’s one of the quickest and easiest of our cosmetic dentist services near Falls Church, VA.

The bottom line is, whatever your needs are where the quality of your smile is concerned, we’ve got you covered. We’re the #1 cosmetic dentist near Falls Church, VA, and we can’t wait to help give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

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