Different Options for Cosmetic Dentistry Services Near Chantilly, VA

Is your smile everything you want it to be? If you’re like most people, the answer to that question is no. Even if you basically like your smile, there are probably at least a few tweaks you wouldn’t mind making. The problem is though, not all dental practices offer cosmetic dentistry services near Chantilly, VA, which can complicate your life by forcing you to juggle schedules and drive all over town.

That’s no good, and sadly, it’s something that keeps many people from having the cosmetic work they want done.

The good news is that there’s a simple fix for that. We not only offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry services near Chantilly, VA, but we can take care of all your general dentistry needs as well, giving you all the services you want and need under one roof.

Two of the most important pillars of a world-class smile are straight teeth and white teeth. On those fronts, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from, and we’ll tell you about them in more detail in the sections below. Let’s start with teeth straightening, where we’ve got two great alternatives to conventional braces.

The Six Month Smiles Program

Nobody likes conventional braces, and it’s not hard to understand why. Who wants to spend a year or two wearing an uncomfortable, highly visible mouthful of metal? That’s why this program is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services we offer near Chantilly, VA.

The braces used here are virtually invisible, and because they only focus on straightening your front facing teeth, they do their work in a fraction of the time it takes conventional braces to accomplish the same thing. That’s huge, and a major win for you.

The Invisalign Program

At the end of the day, although the braces used in the Six Month Smiles program represent a vast improvement over conventional braces, they’re still braces, and still uncomfortable. That fact goes a long way toward explaining why an increasing percentage of our patients are gravitating to Invisalign instead.

These aren’t braces at all, but they accomplish the same goal. They’re custom fitting caps designed to be worn in sequence over your teeth. As you move from one set of caps to the next, they progressively straighten your teeth, giving you the smile you’re after.

When you first sign up for the program, we’ll ask you to come into our office so we can make a series of 3D scans of your teeth. Using these scans, we’ll create your custom fitting caps, which will take about a week.

Once we’ve got them back from our manufacturer, we’ll ask you to come back in for your initial fitting, and then have you come in for a progress check about every two weeks. When you’re ready for them, we’ll give you the next set of caps in the series, and you’re all set.

In addition to being virtually invisible and much more comfortable to wear than braces, Invisalign caps have one other incredibly powerful advantage. You can take them out and put them back in yourself. You don’t need any special tools or equipment, and in fact, it’s a trivial matter to remove them and put them back in.

You don’t need any special tools or equipment, and in fact, it’s a trivial matter to remove them and put them back in.

This gives you an incredible level of freedom and flexibility, enabling you to enjoy a night on the town without being bothered by your caps, then simply sliding them back into your mouth when you return from the evening’s fun. That’s huge, and it’s no wonder why Invisalign is surging in popularity.

In terms of giving you a whiter, brighter smile, we’ve got three great options to choose from. They are:

Our Zoom! In-Office Treatment

Of all the cosmetic dentistry services near Chantilly, VA we offer, this one is probably the most commonly used because it’s so fast and convenient. In just one office visit, we can whiten your smile by up to eight shades.

To give you an idea of how good that is, consider this: You can achieve similar results using over the counter whitening products, but there’s a catch; you’ll have to use those products for up to eight weeks! Yes, you read that correctly, and honestly, who wants to do that for two months when you can get the same results in about an hour?

The Whitening for Life Program

A favorite of do it yourselfers and anybody who likes to keep the power and control firmly in their hands.

When you sign up for this program, the first thing we’ll do is have you come into the office so we can take an impression of your teeth. Using this impression, we’ll create a set of custom bleaching trays for you. That process takes about a week, and when we’ve got the trays in hand, we’ll ask you to stop by the office again so we can give them to you, along with a tube of our powerful, proprietary bleaching gel and an instruction booklet that details its use.

Armed with those tools, you’re all set. You have the freedom and flexibility to whiten your teeth when you want with no appointments to make and no schedules to keep. Best of all, as long as you keep current with your preventive care visits, you’ll get another tube of bleaching gel every six months for free, for life!

The Kor Whitening System

Our most powerful whitening option, this one isn’t for everyone. It was specifically designed for use on especially deep, persistent stains. If you haven’t gotten satisfactory whitening results from our other treatments, this is the one you want.

As you can see, we have a wide range of tools, treatments, and technology to help you build the smile you’ve always wanted. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.