What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning in Burke, VA

The American Dental Association recommends twice yearly visits to the dentist, though not everyone follows this important advice. There are hundreds of excuses for not making an appointment, and one very good reason to see a dentist. Many oral health problems could have been avoided if the issue was only caught early enough. During a regular visit patients can also expect to receive a dental cleaning and Burke, VA residents know who to schedule their appointment with.

Since 1988 Dr. Steven Johnson and his dedicated staff at Annandale Smiles have been providing high quality dental care in a comfortable environment. The team understands that most people dread a visit to the dentist even if it is just for a routine cleaning. The fear of the unknown procedures, along with the various noises can leave patients feeling nervous and anxious. In an effort to help their clients feel a little more at ease, Annandale Smiles has put together this list of their patients’ most frequently asked questions.

1. Who performs the dental cleaning?

When a dental cleaning is scheduled Burke, VA patients at Annandale Smiles can expect the procedure to be performed by a dental hygienist. Almost every step of the routine cleaning will be handled by a dental hygienist, though a licensed dentist will be summoned if a problem is detected during the exam.

2. What can a patient expect during a dental cleaning?

Dental cleanings, Burke, VA patients will be glad to know are a relatively simple procedure. The amount of time it takes will vary, depending on the patient. The first step is a physical exam, and in some cases this might also include x-rays. The dental hygienist will use a small mirror to check teeth and gums. If any problems or concerns are noticed, a dentist will be notified.

The next step is one many patients dread. Using a “scaler” the dental hygienist will scrap away plaque and tartar from the surface and between teeth. The noise can be irritating, but it is necessary for a complete and thorough cleaning. Next teeth are brushed and polished before flossing. Finally all that’s left is to rinse and apply the fluoride treatment.

3. Are dental cleanings expensive?

The cost of a dental cleaning in Burke, VA will depend on the dentist. At Annandale Smiles they believe that everyone is entitled to complete dental care and are committed to providing the best service possible at a price that anyone can afford. They accept most insurance plans, and also work with dental financing companies. Annandale Smiles even offers an in-house dental insurance plan. Patients can pick the one that is perfect for them, and have access to the best dental care in the area.

4. How often should dental cleanings be performed?

While there aren’t any federal guidelines pertaining to how often dental cleanings in Burke, VA should be performed, the ADA recommends seeing a dentist twice a year. This timeline is in place to ensure dentists can detect any potential issues before they become big problems. A professional cleaning is also an effective preventative measure.

5. Will a dental cleaning at a Burke, VA dentist take a long time?

The professionals at Annandale Smiles understand that their patients lead busy lives and don’t have a lot of time to spend sitting in a waiting room. When a routine cleaning and checkup is schedule patients can rest assured that they will be seen shortly after the “check-in” process is completed.

How long the actual cleaning takes will vary. Patients that brush and floss twice a day will have noticeably less plaque and tartar, and this can make the appointment go a little faster. More time cleaning teeth at home equals less spent at the dentist office.

6. What happens if a problem is detected during the dental exam and cleaning?

If the dental hygienist finds a problem or sees an area of concern, a dentist will be immediately notified. Dr. Johnson or one of his associates will clearly and concisely explain the problem, and will work with the patient to find a treatment plan that is right for them. The helpful front office will take care of scheduling the next appointment, along with filing any necessary insurance paperwork, if applicable.

7. Does a dental cleaning really have to be noisy?

One of the most common complaints about dental cleaning Burke, VA patients have is the simple fact that it can be noisy. Unfortunately this is unavoidable. Between the scraping sound of the scaler and the whining of the small motor in the electric toothbrush, the noise can easily put anyone’s teeth on edge. It should also be noted that this is often named as the main reason patients put dental cleanings off in Burke, VA.

In an effort to make their patients feel a little more at ease Annandale Smiles designed their exam rooms with their clients’ comfort in mind. Each room boasts its own TV, along with blankets and a well-padded exam chair. Thanks to the headphones in the room, patients at Annandale Smiles can easily block out the noise.

8. Do children need to have their teeth professionally cleaned?

As soon as the first baby teeth start appearing it is important for parents to start making regular dental appointments. Annandale Smiles is committed to providing the same high level of care to all of their patients, regardless of their age. They support the belief that good oral health starts at an early age, and children that regularly visit the dentist tend to keep these positive habits throughout their lives.

Studies have also shown that when children have their teeth professionally cleaned they are less likely to develop oral health problems later in life.

9. Are there different types of dental cleanings?

This is a surprisingly common question, and the answer is neither “yes” nor “no”. Dental cleanings are basically the same. Everyone will have their teeth and gums examined, along with scraping, brushing and flossing. Once a year x-rays will probably be taken, and this is true for kids and adults. The only time dental cleanings vary for Burke, VA patients is if a step is added or eliminated. A molar sealant might be recommended for children, while some adults may only have one fluoride treatment a year.

10. Does insurance cover dental cleanings in Burke, VA?

The answer is “yes”, in most cases. Almost all dental insurance policies cover two cleanings a year. A small co-pay fee might be required with some plans, while others come without any out-of-pocket expenses. When it comes to x-rays and fluoride treatments this can also vary depending on the insurance carrier. Some cover two a year, but most only pay for one. Patients without insurance can still be covered simply by choosing one of the affordable dental plans offered by Annandale Smiles.

Having twice annual dental cleanings is an important for continued good oral health. The simple procedure might be noisy, but it is painless. This is especially true when compared to the pain that often occurs when it has been too long since a dental cleaning. Cavities and sore, bleeding gums are only a couple of the problems that can develop when regular visits to the dentist are frequently missed.

Annandale Smiles is dedicated to helping their clients continue to enjoy good oral health. They know that not everyone can make it to the dentist during regular business hours which is why they are open late, and patients can even schedule a dental cleaning on a Saturday. It is this commitment to their customers’ oral health that has earned this family dentistry office an A+ rating on Angie’s List.

With a goal to establish and maintain healthy teeth and gums for all of their patients it is easy to see why Annandale Smiles has become one of the leading dentistry offices in Northern Virginia. Dr. Johnson and his team are familiar with the latest technology and procedures so they can continue to provide the best possible care. When it is time for a regular cleaning give Annandale Smiles a call, and see what a difference it can make.