Why Get a Regular Dental Cleaning in Chantilly, VA?

Dr. Steven Johnson and his team at Annandale Smiles are dedicated to providing the best oral health care, and this includes dental cleaning for their Chantilly, VA patients.The American Dental Association recommends twice yearly visits to the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings, and Annandale Smiles wants their patients to understand why this is so important.

Most people are aware that regular dental checkups can prevent cavities, but there are several other reasons why they are something that everyone should do twice a year regardless of their age. These include,

  • Can prevent tooth loss
  • Brighten and whiten teeth
  • Freshen breath
  • Improve overall health

A dental cleaning can also help Chantilly, VA patients save money by preventing the need for more expensive procedures. During the checkup one of the friendly and highly trained dental hygienists at Annandale Smiles will perform a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth and gums. If any problems are detected or areas of concern noted, a licensed dentist will be immediately notified. In some cases this can prevent the need for a more expensive procedure. Best of all most dental insurance companies cover two visits to the dentist a year. To ensure that everyone can afford dental care, even if they do not have insurance, Annandale Smiles offers in-house plans. Geared for singles, couples and families, their patients can easily find the right dental plan for them.

It is not uncommon for patients leaving Annandale Smiles after a dental cleaning in Chantilly, VA to remark that their teeth look whiter and brighter. This is a great way for people to boast their self-confidence, and some even claim that they look just a little younger with sparkling white teeth. Having teeth professionally cleaned not only removes cavity causing plaque and tartar, but also stubborn stains. For some people their improved smiles are enough to keep them going back to the dentist on a regular basis.

The staff at Annandale Smiles understands that a visit to the dentist is something that people rarely look forward to. They also know that a dental cleaning is often dreaded by Chantilly, VA patients. In order to make their patients feel more at ease Annandale Smiles has strived to create a warm and welcoming environment. Each exam room boasts a TV, headphones and a soft blanket. Even the chairs are well padded and designed to help patients relax. Free nitrous oxide is offered before the start of the cleaning, and there are also mild sedation treatments available for patients that simply cannot relax.

With more than twenty-five years of experience and dedicated to their patients’ oral health, it is easy to see why Annandale Smiles is one of the premier dentistry offices in the area.