Step-By-Step Dental Cleaning Procedures Explained near Springfield, VA

A dental cleaning should be performed on Springfield, VA residents’ teeth at least once a year. Optimally this simple procedure should be done every six months, but not everyone has the time. Some patients aren’t sure what a dental cleaning entails, and this lack of knowledge can leave them feeling apprehensive. When this is combined with most peoples’ reluctance to go to the dentist, having their teeth professionally cleaned is often ignored. In an effort to make sure that a dental cleaning is a part of their Springfield, VA patients’ oral health care plan, the professionals at Annandale Smiles are trying to address all of these questions and concerns.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions their patients have regarding dental cleanings.

1. How difficult is it to make an appointment?

Annandale Smiles understands that their patients have busy and hectic lives which can make it difficult for them to make and keep dental appointments. In an effort to be available for their patients and to make the dental visit as convenient as possible, Annandale Smiles is pleased to be able to offer extended hours. Not only can patients schedule a dental cleaning near Springfield, VA after work, but this dentist office is also open on Saturdays. With convenient hours like these, almost anyone can find the time to visit the dentist.

2. Is the dental cleaning procedure covered by insurance?

The good news is that most dental insurance does cover dental cleanings, even twice a year appointments. Since Annandale Smiles works with most major insurance providers, this is never an excuse to put off this important procedure. For patients that are not fortunate enough to carry dental insurance, Annandale Smiles offers several affordable in-house options. It is this firm belief that everyone should have access to top quality affordable oral health care that has made Annandale Smiles one of the premier dentistry offices for the last forty years.

3. What is the first step in a dental cleaning Springfield, VA patients should expect?

One of the highly trained dental hygienists at Annandale Smiles will start the dental cleaning with a careful exam. While one of the licensed and certified dentists will also conduct a thorough exam, this initial one will help identify any potential problems. While the word “exam” might have some patients feeling a little nervous, this step really is simple and quick.

Using a small round mirror, the dental hygienist will carefully check the patient’s teeth and gums. Some of the issues they are looking for include cavities and gingivitis. In most cases, the dental cleaning will proceed from here, but in some instances, it might be necessary to immediately call for the dentist. For those patients that are getting uneasy and anxious, Annandale Smiles can provide nitrous oxide to help them relax.

4. How will the plaque and tartar be removed?

Once the initial exam is complete, the dental hygienist will use the small mirror and a scaler to effectively remove the built up plaque and tartar. Not only will they concentrate on the front and back of the teeth, but also between and underneath the gum line. These are two places commonly missed by patients, including some that brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush.

There will be a slight scraping sound as the debris is removed. This noise can be unpleasant to many patients, but there are ways it can be reduced. Simply brushing and flossing twice a day can effectively remove most of the plaque and tarter before it hardens. Once this happens, it will take a professional to effectively remove the build up from the teeth.

5. Why is the toothpaste gritty?

There is no denying the fact that the toothpaste used in a dental cleaning is gritty and Springfield, VA patients often want to know why. The answer to this is pretty simple, the gritty consistency of the toothpaste works to scrub and polish the teeth. It is important to note that anytime teeth are polished, even slightly it should be done by a professional. If not people run the risk of their teeth losing enamel, and this is not something that can be replaced.

The dental hygienist will use a high powered electric toothbrush, and the noise of the motor can be startling to some patients. If it is impossible to simply relax, even in Annandale Smiles incredibly comfortable exam rooms, the staff is qualified to offer a mild sedative treatment. While this is only used when there is no other way for a patient to relax, it is an extremely effective measure.

6. Is flossing a necessary part of a dental cleaning procedure?

Flossing is an important part of a dental cleaning for all Springfield, VA patients. This step should also be performed at home on a regular basis. When patients remember to floss, preferably after each meal, the amount of plaque and tarter that can build up is dramatically reduced. This means less time with the scaler having built up debris scraped from the teeth.

The dental hygienist will floss deeply between each tooth. This not only ensures that when their patient leaves the exam room, their teeth will be clean, but it also provides another opportunity to check for any potential problems. This often involves looking for any bleeding or redness in the gums. It is this attention to every detail no matter how small that has made Annandale Smiles one of the premier dentistry practices in the area.

7. Are there other steps involved in a dental cleaning?

Once the hygienist has finished flossing, the next step in the dental cleaning patients in Springfield, VA will be glad to know is a simple rinsing. Not only is this refreshing, but it also comes with benefits. Rinsing at this point in the dental cleaning will get rid of any debris, and this is always a positive thing. All of a sudden patients at Annandale Smiles feel teeth that are smooth and clean. Best of all the rinse often contains fluoride, and this can continue to provide benefits for months to come. It is this attention to every small detail that has earned Annandale Smiles an A+ rating on Angie’s List.

8. Why is fluoride used in a dental cleaning?

In most cases, the last step is a fluoride treatment. At the end of the dental cleaning, Springfield, VA patients will have either a gel or paste applied to their teeth. After it has been allowed to set for one minute, it can be easily washed or wiped off. The fluoride will add an extra layer of protection against cavities that can last to the next six-month visit. Being able to continuously prevent tooth decay is more than enough reason to have a regular dental cleaning near Springfield, VA.

9. Are there other steps in a dental cleaning?

Since Annandale Smiles is a family dentistry practice, some of their patients might require additional steps. Younger children that might not have mastered the proper brushing technique and older ones that are often not careful to reach their back teeth might have a sealant applied to their back molars. This will give them a little-added protection against tooth decay between visits to the dentist office.

Even though most major dental insurance providers only cover one x-ray per year, there may be times when an additional one is needed. Annandale Smiles understands that this added expense might be more than what their patients can comfortably afford, and will discuss the procedure before it is started. Their in-house plans can also ensure that patients receive the oral health care they need.

For over forty years Annandale Smiles has been providing high-quality dental care, and they look forward to doing so for another four decades. They are proud of their ability to meet all of their patient’s dental needs in a state-of-the-art environment that is also extremely comfortable. Their goal is to make their patients feel like family, and it is to these ends that they continually strive. With hours of operation designed for the convenience of their patients, it is easy to see why they are considered one of the best.