Getting a dental implant is important for many reasons. Though it is not the most fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon, it is still very important. The method of having a dental implant done is getting much easier over the years. It used to be a tough ordeal, but now we have many great anesthetics available, handy payment plans, and amazing staff who have done this procedure here in Alexandria, VA for many years. If you are missing a tooth and know that you need to get a dental implant then don’t wait, just get it taken care of. Take care of your body first, and worry about the money involved second. There is an endless amount of money available in the world, but you only have one body.

Our Alexandria, VA office has performed thousands of dental implants over the years, and it is almost always easier and cheaper if we take care of the problem soon after losing the tooth. The more time that goes by, the more expensive the problem gets. You lose up to 25% of your bone density in that spot in the first year alone, and if you lose too much bone before having the implant then you may need to have bone grafts done. The teeth can also grow in and cause huge problems that might need to get taken care of further down the road.

Also the sooner that you deal with the issue and have a dental implant placed, the sooner you will get back to healthy chewing habits. People that lose a tooth tend to avoid chewing in that part of their mouth, so instead of teeth getting evenly worn, one side or the other will end up taking the brunt of the chewing, and this will cause it to wear down much faster than it normally should. Our Alexandria, VA office has everything that you need to get this taken care of, and we highly recommend not waiting too long. If you read this article then you probably already know that you should deal with the problem, and perhaps you just needed that extra convincing to get you to go and schedule an appointment.