Comparing Dentures to Dental Implants in Arlington, VA

Are you considering getting dental implants near Arlington, VA? For many people, it’s a great option, but it’s not for everyone. In some cases, dentures might be a better “fit,” but how do you know? We’ll provide a brief overview in this article.

Pros and Cons

When comparing dental implants near Arlington, VA with dentures, the first big thing people key in on is cost, and it’s true, implants are significantly more expensive. On top of that, while most dental insurance plans will cover dentures, few cover implants, and if they do, it’s only partial coverage, so if it’s something you decide you want, you’ll almost certainly wind up footing a big part of the bill yourself.

The other real drawback to getting dental implants near Arlington, VA (or anywhere else) is the fact that it’s an invasive, surgical procedure. Many people balk at the idea of having surgery of any kind unless they absolutely need to, and if this describes you, then this by itself could be a deal breaker.

On the other hand, implants have a number of important advantages, including:

  • Durability – Dentures (the alternative to implants) are fragile and don’t last very long. Implants, on the other hand, will last you for years.
  • More natural feeling – A lot of people are self-conscious about eating, talking, or even smiling while wearing dentures because they tend to “clack” or fall out at inopportune moments. These things are obviously not concerns if you opt for implants.
  • No dietary restrictions – if you choose dentures over implants, then you can say goodbye to certain foods (no corn on the cob for you, for instance). With implants, there are no dietary restrictions to worry over. You can eat what you want, without worry.
  • They look more natural – Aesthetics matter, and the simple truth is that you can always tell when someone is wearing dentures. That’s not the case with implants. In fact, unless you specifically told someone you had implants, odds are that they would never even know.
  • Easier to clean – You’ve seen the TV commercials of people dropping their dentures into a cleaning solution overnight, and if you’re like a lot of people, that strikes you as at least a little gross. Implants don’t require that. You simply treat them like your regular teeth, caring for them via brushing and flossing.

Either way, it’s a big decision. If you’re not sure which way you want to go, feel free to call us or stop by our office. We’ll be happy to go over all the options with you in person and when you’re ready and comfortable, Dr. Johnson and his talented staff will be ready to do the work for you in a relaxed, comfortable setting that’s as pain-free as we can possibly make it!