Most people don’t have the money to cover a dental implant procedure flat out. Luckily, there are many options to assist you financially. The biggest one is, of course, your dental care plan. Depending on what plan you are with, your insurance will cover some part of the procedure. There are many great plans available in Fairfax, VA and getting on a good plan will be the first step. If you do not have dental insurance, there are a few alternative options for you.

One way to deal with it is a long term payment plan. Our plan requires no money down, no interest, no upfront costs, no annual fees, and no pre-payment penalties. Because of this the payment plan is a great solution for anybody. If you sit down with our financial advisor we will work out the perfect plan to fit you. Some of our regular customers also participate in our special platinum membership program. This program covers some basic procedures, and reduces the cost by 25% on other things (such as a dental implant procedure). Serving our customers around Fairfax, VA is very important to us, and we want to help you by making the whole payment process as simple as possible.

For our customers with a dental insurance plan, we will work directly with your provider and do the billing with them. This way you won’t have to get those giant dental implant procedure bills in your Fairfax, VA mail and you won’t even have to worry about the whole thing. By using these various methods we hope that you will be able to get your dental implant taken care of promptly and not let the problem sit for too long. Keeping your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful is what we do here at Annandale Smiles, and we’ll make sure that all our customers have the financial solutions they need to make this a reality.