Take Advantage of our Different Sedation Options at our Dental Practice near Alexandria, VA

Many people have a fear of dentist visits. This is fairly common knowledge and it is certainly nothing to be ashamed about. Since we care about the comfort of our Alexandria, VA patients, we have made an effort to have many different sedation options on hand here at our dental practice. Through the use of sedation you can comfortably sleep through a procedure, or be able to relax through it all. We use only minimal sedation, which is considered to be completely safe and is used by many dentist offices around the world. Minimal sedation is a great option for people who get a bit queasy when it is time for a dentist visit, and it works especially well if you have kids who are unwilling to sit still during a visit.

Depending on how sedated you would like to be, we can give you a unique experience fine-tuned to fit your desires. We will give you a pill an hour before your appointment, and then you can relax or sleep through the entire procedure. Again this is a method used by many dental practices, and is completely safe. We even use monitoring equipment to monitor your pulse and blood pressure, so we will be sure to have complete knowledge of how you are doing the whole time. More and more people around Alexandria, VA are beginning to use sedation as it is now available for anybody who would like it. If you do opt for sedation though, you will need to have somebody else drive you to your appointment and you need to have a ride home also.

Remember that sedation is a completely safe option, and is widely used by dental practices around Alexandria, VA. If you have any qualms or questions about how this works, please feel free to give us a call. We will be more than happy to explain sedation further if you are interested.