Look Great and Healthy with Dental Services from a Dental Practice near Alexandria, VA

Oral health is an important part of your everyday life and having daily dental routines is a part of a healthy lifestyle. The choice among dental services available near Alexandria, VA is also very important; the residents have relied on Annandale Smiles for years for this purpose. The role of a dentist can never be overlooked and a trained, experienced, and well equipped dental service can help every member of the family look great and be healthy throughout their life.

Like every other place, the demand for dental services near Alexandria, VA depends on several factors that can be broadly divided based on age groups. Young children have their own specific needs of oral healthcare, while adults need a different approach. On the other hand, the older demographic has some special care needs that need to be considered while managing such patients. An ideal dental practice is one that is equipped to deal with all the three age groups so that it can provide a one-stop dental service to the residents of Alexandria, VA.

A family dental practice is based on the same ideas where they can provide your entire family a relaxed and beneficial dental service under the same roof. Family dentists are extensively trained and specialize in dealing with routine dental problems of all age groups. Therefore, if you have a family, including small children, regular aged adults, along with the elderly, a family dental service near Alexandria, VA, like Annandale Smiles, is the most practical choice for you.

One-Stop Dental Service for Alexandria, VA

We, at Annandale Smiles, believe in a holistic approach towards our treatment. Our specialized and experienced staff equipped with the most up to date equipment can provide all the dental services needed in the same dental practice. The dental services provided near Alexandria, VA cover all age groups and all kinds of treatment needs from functional to esthetics. Some of the services we provide at Annandale Smiles include:

Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to have a bright smile to be able to confidently show their pearly white teeth. Annandale Smiles can help you smile with their variety of teeth whitening services that include,

  1. Zoom! In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment
  2. The Whitening For Life Program
  3. Kor Whitening System

Tooth Alignment

Irregular and misaligned teeth are becoming a growing problem in modern times, but luckily more and more efficient solutions are also being created at a rapid pace. Now you can say goodbye to the conventional braces with our two amazing treatment alternatives, the Six Month Smiles Program and the Invisalign Program

Smile Makeover

Porcelain veneers have grown in popularity as people become aware of their smile aesthetics. The conservative porcelain veneers can give you the smile you always dreamed of. Porcelain veneers reshape your teeth, change their color, and can even provide a solution for some minor orthodontic problems without having to go for conventional braces.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

These fillings are not only more esthetically pleasing as they look just like natural teeth, but they are also a very conservative option. Compared to silver fillings, they require much less removal of tooth structure and help us keep the maximum amount of your natural tooth surface intact.

Root Canal Treatment

We believe in conserving your natural tooth as much as possible. When the dental decay reaches your pulp, it necessitates a root canal treatment. While also keeping the patient’s comfort in mind at each step, our endodontic procedures have a very high success rate.

Metal-Free Crowns

A tooth that has severely decayed might not be strong enough to resist your bite forces on its own. This is when we need to cover that tooth with a crown (or cap). A crown may be needed in case of a severely broken down tooth, a root canal treated tooth, or in case there is a large filling. Crowns help us restore your tooth to its natural size and shape, thus saving it from any further damage.

Dental Implants, Complete Dentures, and Partial Dentures

Our main goal is to conserve your teeth in a healthy and disease-free state as long as possible. But if you lose your tooth due to trauma or gross decay, you still have hope. With the modern alternative prostheses, the missing/lost natural teeth can be replaced very efficiently. We offer options like complete dentures for those people who lost all their teeth, partial dentures for those who lost some of their teeth, and dental implants, which have seen an incredible rise in popularity over the last decade.

Gum Care

When we claim to have a holistic approach, its necessary that we also give equal attention to your periodontal health along with dental health; the periodontal area is your gums and bones that are the support structures of your teeth. Healthy oral hygiene is reflected by healthy gums and a proper oral hygiene regime followed by routine scaling and polishing can help us avoid any tooth loss by maintaining optimal bone levels.

TMJ Disorders

Millions of people in the US alone are affected by chronic pain in the jaw or experience a popping sound when they chew. Such conditions grow worse over time, and if not checked in time, they may develop severe damage to your jaws and teeth. Detailed TMJ examination is a part of the routine dental examination at Annandale Smiles, with the help of which we manage to eliminate any growing TMJ disorder well in time.

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