For a large family, a visit to the dentist office can be a challenge. Luckily keeping your kids happy while each one takes their turn seeing the dentist has never been so easy. Our Alexandria, VA dentist office has everything that your kid needs to keep them happily occupied so you can deal with each kid as needed. We know that children don’t have a long attention span, so we have lots of options available to help keep them busy. With a large array of toys, movies, books, and even a few electronic games, your kids will be sure to have a good time.

We want to make your visits as stress free as possible and we know that keeping your kids happy goes a long way towards keeping your sanity level high. If you like to, you are also welcome to have your kids bring their own toys, books, or electronics to keep them busy as well. We only ask that you avoid bringing any extremely loud activities, other than that whatever you like is perfect. Remember that often the waiting room at our dentist office near Alexandria, VA can get quite full, and we would like to make it as comfortable as possible for everybody waiting.

We also have magazines available for the adults too. Once your kids are happily busy in the kid’s corner playing with some toys or watching a movie, you will be able to relax and enjoy some quality adult time while you wait. Our magazines cover a wide array of topics, and you should be able to find something enjoyable to read. Sometimes people will bring along a book or spend some time on their phone as other alternate options as well. The key fact to remember is that like most dentist offices; our Alexandria, VA office often has a wait, but with our wide array of entertainment options, you and your kids will be able to stay happy for as long as needed.