If you’re like most people, visits to the local dentist office are not at the top of your “fun things to do this year” list. However, nearly everybody here in Fairfax, VA would benefit from a routine checkup. This is because keeping your teeth looking great for an entire lifetime is no simple task. It would be great if you could polish them up once and then be set, but the truth is that over time your teeth will develop problems. If you don’t get a routine checkup from a dentist office then you will often not notice issues until it is too late.

A routine visit to your local Fairfax, VA dentist office will help you in many ways. It will catch any sign of developing problems, such as cavities, tooth decay, or damaged teeth. It also gives us a chance to check on the wear that your teeth are taking, and inform you if any lifestyle changes are in order. In fact the average American does not floss up to the minimum recommendations. During your visit we will kindly remind you to floss more, sometimes brush more, and to treat your teeth with respect. It also gives us a chance to give your teeth a complete deep cleaning and consider adding a sealant coating if necessary.

Finding a good dentist office in Fairfax, VA should not be a complicated problem. You want a dentist that has many years of experience and will take good care of your teeth. You also need to find somebody who will be sure to tell you exactly what the problem is and be truthful about what is really the best solution for you. Well you need to look no further than Annandale Smiles. We have all that and more. We want to keep you and your family’s teeth healthy and beautiful for a lifetime. If you have any questions or at all hesitant, just call us and see for yourself. We always love the chance to talk with new people.

The Fairfax, VA, Annandale Smiles dentist office wishes to encourage you to take full advantage of our many services, comforting atmosphere, and welcoming staff. Our customized treatments may very well improve the quality of your daily life!