The Drawbacks of Dentures near Arlington, VA

Do you need dentures? How do you know? Do you live near Arlington, VA, or surrounding areas? If you do, then there’s really only one name to remember – Annandale Smiles. We’re a dentist office with a difference!

If you think you might, don’t put it off. Call us or stop by our office and make an appointment.

We’ll get you in, evaluate your condition, and make a recommendation. If you do need them, we can get the job done quickly, comfortably and professionally. Remember though, dentures near Arlington, VA are usually seen as an option of last resort, so if there’s some other treatment that can solve whatever problem you’re having with your smile, we can handle it.

The most common reasons people need dentures near Arlington, VA stems from improper maintenance. If you want to avoid having to get them, the first, best thing you can do is to be sure you see your dentist twice a year for periodic checkups and cleanings.

This allows your dentist to catch problems while they’re still small and easy to manage, which will go a long way toward ensuring that you never need them.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Regular cleanings (at least twice a year) will minimize the chance that you’ll need dentures.
  • If your gums are bleeding, you should call and make an appointment immediately as this could be a sign of gum disease, and if left untreated, may lead to tooth or bone loss, which could cause you to need dentures.
  • If you’re already missing a few teeth, then dentures may be a good option to consider.

Dentures have been around for a very long time, so the technology is well understood, and a custom set can be created for you very quickly, often within hours, and in most cases, certainly no more than a few days’ time.

They also tend to be a fairly cost-effective way to restore your smile, and thus, your confidence; but be aware that they do come with a few drawbacks, including the fact that:

  • They must be removed and cleaned externally.
  • They are not the most natural replacement for your teeth, so some other option may suit you better.
  • If not properly seated in your mouth, they may lead to some awkward or embarrassing moments as they slip or clack together while you’re talking, laughing, or eating.
  • And the fact that dentures aren’t a permanent solution. They do wear out over time, and if you suffer from further bone loss, the shape of your mouth may change, requiring you to get a new set.

Even considering the potential drawbacks though, they’re a great, cost-effective option for a lot of people, so if you need dentures, and live near Arlington, VA or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!