The Difference Between Dentures and Bridges near Falls Church, VA

The professionals at Annandale Smiles are proud to be able to meet their patients’ general and preventive dental needs. They also offer cosmetic and restorative dental treatments, and this includes teeth whitening, adult braces, and dentures for their patients near Falls Church, VA. Their ability to provide a wide range of dental services in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere has made Annandale Smiles one of the top rated dentistry practices in the state. Staffed by friendly and knowledgeable personnel that understand that a visit to the dentist office can be a stressful experience, they will take the time to discuss every aspect of the upcoming procedure. This gives patients the opportunity to find a treatment option that is best for their oral health or to discuss any concerns they might have about an upcoming procedure with a licensed dentist. This includes any patients that might be nervous about getting partials or dentures near Falls Church, VA.

Some of the questions concerning dentures residents near Falls Church, VA commonly ask typically include,

  1. What is a dental bridge?

  2. If you are only missing a couple of your teeth, an Annandale Smiles dentist might recommend a dental bridge. Unlike dentures which are removed each night, a dental bridge is permanent. Not only can a dental bridge replace missing teeth, but it can also prevent your remaining ones from becoming loose or moving. Since there are several types of dental bridges available, a consultation with a licensed dentist is always recommended.

  3. Are partial dentures the same as a dental bridge?

  4. The main difference between partial dentures and a dental bridge is whether it can be removed. Partial dentures are not permanent, while a dental bridge is. This difference will usually play a role in deciding which treatment option is right for you. Thankfully the staff at Annandale Smiles is more than qualified to clearly answer any of their patients’ questions.

  5. Can I still get dentures if I still have a few teeth?
  6. This is a common question patients have regarding dentures near Falls Church, VA and the best person to answer this is one of the dentists at Annandale Smiles. Dentures are prefabricated acrylic teeth which are custom designed to fit perfectly in a patient’s mouth to replace their teeth. Typically dentures come as a full set, and if there are a few teeth still remaining, they are usually removed.

  7. Will insurance cover dentures?
  8. In most cases, dental insurance will cover the cost of dentures, including the fitting. During the consultation at Annandale Smiles, this will be discussed at length. The team will work closely with each patient to ensure that the dental procedure not only is the best one for their health but also their budget.