Save Money with Dental Checkups near Fairfax, VA

If you’re not receiving regular dental checkups near Fairfax, VA, then you’re not doing your teeth any favors. Without checkups, preventive dental care becomes all but impossible, and preventive care matters, because it allows your dentist to catch problems while they’re still small.

Small problems are easier and cheaper to fix than big ones, so while it may be inconvenient to go more often, it can save you big money in the long run. After all, if a cavity is found before the tooth is too far gone, it can be fixed with a simple filling. If you wait a few years, you’ll probably need a root canal, or worse. Not good.

Regular dental checkups near Fairfax, VA are about more than catching problems before they get out of hand though. There’s also the quality of your smile to consider. This is a lot more than just an aesthetic issue, too (although that’s undeniably a part of it).

If you’re self-conscious about your smile and find your hand fluttering up to cover your mouth every time you smile or laugh, it can damage your ego, self-image, and self-esteem.

All that goes away with regular teeth cleaning and teeth whitening treatments, which you can have done in-office, every time you go for a periodic checkup. If you keep your pearly whites looking pearly white, then the quality of your smile will be magnificent, and your self-confidence will soar. No more hiding your smile behind your hand!

Annandale Smiles makes regular dental checkups near Fairfax, VA easy and convenient too. Dr. Johnson and his team keep their office open past 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday, so you won’t have to miss work just to go in for a checkup or maintenance visit.

They also accept all PPO insurance plans and a number of dental finance company plans like Care Credit and Compassionate Health Care Services. If you don’t have either of those, then you can sign up for the Annandale Smiles Platinum Membership Plan and save a bundle on each visit.

Sometimes though, even with regular maintenance visits, the worst happens, and you need major work done. Not to worry, Annandale Smiles is “one-stop shopping” for all your dental needs, offering a full range of general dentistry, preventive care, and cosmetic dentistry services.

Whether you find yourself in need of a root canal or other major procedures, a simple teeth whitening treatment, or regular dental checkups near Fairfax, VA and surrounding areas, Annandale Smiles has you covered!

Dr. Steven Johnson and his team of dedicated professionals will take care of all your dental health needs in a manner that’s as pain-free as possible, using state of the art equipment and technology and in a setting that’s designed to maximize your comfort while you’re there. What’s not to like about that?