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Teeth Whitening From Your Own Home for Our Falls Church, VA Customers

We offer many different teeth whitening programs here at Annandale smiles near Falls Church, VA. One of our best long-term teeth whitening programs is the teeth whitening for life program. This is a great option because after coming in for an initial visit, we will get you set up with all of the materials that you need for long-term teeth whitening care. You can easily do the bleaching processes from your own home and we will continue to restock you with supplies every time you come in for a new visit. This is a great way to take your teeth whitening care in Falls Church, VA into your own hands. You can also keep your teeth whiter for a much longer time than you could if you just had one dentist visit for a teeth whitening appointment.

Again, this is a fairly straightforward process. The first time you come in for a teeth whitening visit we will do a mold of your teeth and then send you custom fit bleaching trays and bleaching gel along with a special application guide. This way you will be all set to do your own teeth whitening for life. Every time you come back in for your six-month visit, we will hand you another tube of teeth whitening gel and provide you with additional trays if need be. This is added free of cost and is an extra bonus we give to you. So long as you keep coming into our location near Falls Church, VA for your routine six-month visits, we will keep providing you with the supplies that you need. There is no system better for long-term teeth whitening then our personal teeth whitening for life program.

This program is considerably better than buying over-the-counter teeth whitening products as we provide you with all of the necessary equipment for as long as you like completely free of charge. Since you care about your teeth and are going to be visiting our office every six months for checkups anyways, why not sign up for our teeth whitening for life program and keep that smile looking amazing. This is just one of the extra things we offer for our Falls Church, VA customers and we encourage you to take full advantage of it.

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