Gingivitis Treatment near Arlington, VA Reduces Chances of Periodontal Disease

Have you started dreading brushing your teeth in the morning because you know your gums will hurt and possibly bleed? Are they suddenly super sensitive to extremes of heat or cold? If you answered yes to either of those questions, it sounds like you could benefit from our gingivitis treatment near Arlington, VA.

How long has it been since you last scheduled a preventive care visit with your dentist? If you’re struggling to remember, it’s probably been too long. Our recommendation is that you come in for a checkup every six months in order to minimize your risk of infection and optimize your oral health.

The heart and soul of our gingivitis treatment near Arlington, VA is the preventive care visit, which consists of two parts: The physical exam and the cleaning. The physical exam is, of course, critical in terms of assessing your current level of oral health and mapping out a treatment plan if problems are found.

The cleaning, though, is our primary tool for dealing with gingivitis.

Gingivitis is uncomfortable, but ultimately, it’s not a terribly serious condition. Unfortunately, if left unchecked, it will ultimately lead to periodontal disease, which is much more serious and is, in fact, the leading cause of tooth loss among American adults.

As periodontal disease progresses, it will cause your gums to begin to recede, which exposes the roots of your teeth. That’s a problem because your roots lack the protective coating of enamel that the surface of your teeth have, so as your roots become exposed, you’re much more likely to develop cavities.

That, however, isn’t the worst of it. The bigger problem is that if you still don’t seek treatment, your gums will continue to recede until the roots of your teeth simply don’t have enough surface area to stay firmly rooted in your mouth, which is what ultimately leads to massive tooth loss.

At that point, you’ve only got two options: You can get dentures, or you can have implants installed in your head.

Dentures are inexpensive, but problematic. They’re not very comfortable, they tend to pop out easily, and they’re very fragile, not to mention high maintenance. Even under the best of conditions, you can only expect dentures to last about a year before you’ll have to come back to our office to be fitted for another set.

Implants are much more durable and longer lasting, but they’re significantly more expensive, too, so both options leave a lot to be desired. That’s why our gingivitis treatment near Arlington, VA is so important!

Of course, our in-office treatment is only part of the equation. There are lots of things you can do from home that will further minimize your risk. Here are a few:

  • De-Stress! – Most people don’t realize how big an impact stress can have on your health. The reality is that cortisol, the stress hormone, interferes with the proper functioning of your immune system. The more stress you’re under, the more cortisol you’ve got in your system, and the weaker your immune system becomes. Stress kills, but long before it kills you, it does serious harm to your immune system, making you much more prone to infections of all types, including gum infections.
  • Brush At Least Twice A Day – Almost everybody brushes at least once a day, which is a good start, but not quite enough. We recommend brushing at least twice a day. We also recommend flossing every time you brush. These days, flossing is easier than ever, thanks to a variety dental picks available on the market today. Some of them are even flavored!
  • Stop Smoking – Recent research has shown that smokers are a whopping seven times more likely to develop gum infections than non-smokers are. If you’ve been thinking about quitting, now you’ve got one more reason to consider it.
  • Start Eating Better – The food you eat provides raw materials to your body. The better you nourish your body, the stronger your immune system will be. It’s just that simple.
  • Consider Using A Different Toothpaste – Most people just buy whatever brand of toothpaste is on sale. Some brands, though, are infused with additives that serve to improve your general gum health and fortify your teeth. It’s well worth being selective.

Understand that none of the things we mentioned above, including our gingivitis treatment near Arlington, VA will guarantee that you’ll never develop a gum infection, but the more of them you put into practice, the lower your risks will be.

Even better, we keep our office open late, so you with a bit of advanced planning, you won’t have to miss work or use up one of your vacation days to get the treatment you need. Currently, our office hours are as follows:

Monday: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Tuesday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Wednesday: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Thursday: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Friday: 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Saturday: 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Sunday: Our office is closed on Sunday

Of course, it doesn’t matter how late we stay open if we don’t take the dental insurance you have, which is why we’ve worked hard to expand the number of carriers we work with. At present, we accept the following:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Assurant
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Carefirst
  • Cigna’s Total DPPO plan
  • Delta Dental
  • GEHA
  • Guardian
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • Metlife
  • Principal
  • Sun Life
  • And all United Concordia dental plans, save for those offered exclusively to active military members, who get their care on-base

In addition to that, we accept both the Citi Health and Care Credit cards, and for our patients who don’t have any of the above, we also have our very own Platinum Membership program which offers discounts on just about every service we provide.

All that to say, we’ve got you covered! Call to schedule your appointment today.