Two Different Options for Invisible Braces near Chantilly, VA

Are you 100% satisfied with the current condition of your smile? Most people aren’t, but there’s a problem. A big part of getting the smile you want involves straightening your teeth, which makes most people think of braces, and that gives people pause. Nobody wants to have to endure a year, two years, or even longer to get that award-winning smile?

Fortunately, you don’t have to. We offer two different invisible braces options near Chantilly, VA and surrounding areas. We’ll describe them in detail in the sections below.

Invisible Braces near Chantilly, VA – Option One – Six Month Smiles

As we mentioned at the start, one of the big problems with conventional braces is that they take a really long time to do their work. The Six Month Smiles program works in a fraction of the time by focusing only on your front-facing teeth (the ones people see when you smile). Unfortunately, your back teeth tend to respond much more slowly to realignment, but since they don’t impact the quality of your smile, we can speed the process by taking them out of the equation.

The second big benefit this program offers is the fact that the braces used in the Six Month Smiles program are virtually invisible, so you’ll be much less self-conscious when you wear them. It’s an incredible program, and a great way to get the smile you’ve always wanted without the hassle.

Invisible Braces near Chantilly, VA – Option Two – Invisalign

If, for whatever reason, you just don’t want to deal with having to wear braces of any kind, Invisalign is the program for you. These are custom-fitting caps, rather than braces, and they’re all but invisible, meaning they won’t be nearly as noticeable.

To get started, we’ll ask you into our office so we can take a detailed 3D scan of your teeth. We’ll use this scan to create the caps, in a process that will take about a week. Once they’re back from the manufacturer, we’ll ask you back in for your initial fitting.

Several “sets” of caps will be needed to progressively move your teeth, so we’ll ask you back in at two-week intervals to pick up your next set.

Here’s the thing though: Unlike conventional braces, you can pop these caps out and put them back in yourself, in just a matter of minutes.

That gives you virtually unlimited freedom and flexibility. If you don’t want to wear your caps when you sleep, you don’t have to! If you have a dinner date or an important family function, it’s a trivial matter to take them out for a few hours and put them back in when you get home.

A great smile on your terms, what could be better than that?