What You Need to Know About Minimal Sedation Dentistry near Alexandria, VA

Are you among those people who are too scared to go to the dentist? If so, remember that you are not alone. As a matter of fact, one in ten patients has dental anxiety that makes it very difficult to endure even the most straightforward dental procedures.

Patients who have dental anxiety avoid their dental appointments because of their underlying fear. One main problem with this approach is that it leads to the aggravation of their dental issues. What started as a tiny cavity that could have been successfully treated with a quick filling grows into a decayed tooth needing a root canal. If the treatment is delayed even longer, you might even need to get that particular tooth extracted.

Here, the main thing to observe is that dental issues became severe only because they had dental anxiety, which prevented them from obtaining timely treatment. However, at Annandale Smiles, we perfectly understand this situation, and that’s why we offer minimal sedation dentistry to all our patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

However, keep in mind that sedation dentistry can’t cure your anxiety. Instead, it can help you to endure various dental treatments in a more relaxed way. Let it be a simple dental cleaning or a much time-consuming root canal treatment, and we can assure you that if you have opted for minimal sedation dentistry near Alexandria, VA, you are no more at the mercy of your anxiety during the procedure. We will make sure that you will get the treatment you need in a soothing environment.

Dental anxiety is a much more common condition than you think. For example, almost 50% of adults in the U.S. suffer from it at some point in time when they are faced with dental treatment. An interesting fact that emerged during studies about dental anxiety was that children who had unpleasant experiences at a dentist’s office would also carry these fears to adulthood.

Another shocking fact was that for about 10% of adults, who had dental anxiety, their fear is so intense that it usually develops into a dental phobia. It is very difficult for people with dental phobia to stick to their dental appointments. They are trapped in a vicious cycle of making dental appointments and then canceling their appointments at the last minute due to fear. This cycle can go on for months and can severely affect their dental health.

This is where minimal sedation dentistry can come to your rescue. It will help you to break the cycle and face your dental appointments without fear.

How is Minimal Sedation Dentistry Carried Out?

Minimal sedation dentistry is typically carried out by administering drugs orally to you. Even though there are few risks associated with this, at Annandale Smiles, we always make sure to work with you to ensure there are no complications with the procedure.

To begin with, we will ask you to provide a detailed list of all the other medications you are taking for any other existing medical condition. We need this information from you before proceeding with minimal sedation dentistry procedure because some drugs you are taking may interact badly with the oral sedation medicine we give you. We want to eliminate this possibility out of the equation. Rest assured that even if you can’t take a specific drug due to this reason, there are plenty of other options available to sedate you for carrying out dental procedures painlessly.