Options for Minimal Sedation Dentistry near Merrifield, VA

Have you had a bad experience with “getting numb” at the dentist’s office? It’s fairly rare, but it does happen, and of course, if it happens to you, it can make you very reluctant to have additional work done. That’s something that can stay with you for years, even if you move to a different dentist’s office.

Unfortunately, that can also work against you because let’s face it; teeth develop problems over time and your oral health matters.

If you’re struggling to get past the memories of your bad experience, may we suggest minimal sedation dentistry near Merrifield, VA? It’s a service we’re more than happy to offer if giving you a little something “extra” is what it takes to get you over the expectation of pain so we can get the needed work done.

Of course, a previous bad experience isn’t the only reason people might want to take advantage of minimal sedation dentistry near Merrifield, VA. Sometimes it comes down to simple fear. Fear of the sounds of the equipment we use, or fear of all those sharp, pointy objects. We understand that too, and again, the option is available if you need it.

Our goal, after all, is to help you achieve perfect oral health and the smile you’ve always wanted!

So what is minimal sedation dentistry near Merrifield, VA, anyway?

Simply put, we’ll use either pills or nitrous oxide gas to relax you before your procedure begins, in order to help you get through it.

You probably know nitrous oxide by its slang name, “laughing gas.” It’s fast acting and wears off just as quickly. It won’t knock you out completely, but it will relax you to the point that your speech will be slurred and you’ll probably struggle to remember much about whatever work we’re doing. Laughing gas’ big advantage is that it wears off so quickly, you may not even need someone to drive you home after your procedure.

Oral sedation is another form of minimal sedation dentistry. Here, as the name suggests, we’ll give you a pill about an hour before your procedure is slated to begin. This is a bit trickier than using laughing gas, and in order to minimize the risks, we’ll need to know what other medications you’re currently taking.

The reason is, some medications interact badly with others. Knowing what else is in your system, we can plan around it.

As with laughing gas, oral sedation won’t knock you out completely, but it will relax you to the point that you won’t remember much (if anything) of what’s going on around you. Note though, that the effects of the pills don’t wear off as quickly as laughing gas does, so you’ll probably need someone to give you a ride home afterward.

Whichever approach we take, the bottom line is that minimal sedation dentistry gives you that little something “extra” to help get you through the procedure and keep you calm.