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Avoid Plaque Buildup With Preventive Care near Arlington, VA

How long has it been since you’ve been to the dentist for a routine checkup? If you can’t recall the date, you’re probably overdue.

The sad reality is that many people adopt the strategy of waiting until there’s a problem (or until something starts hurting) before they make their way to the dentist’s office. Needless to say, this is far from optimal. Preventive care near Arlington, VA will not only spare you a lot of pain, but it’ll wind up saving you a ton of money in the long run.

We recommend coming in for a periodic checkup every six months. This will allow us to visually inspect your teeth and mouth and make sure everything’s okay.

Also, while we’ve got you in the treatment chair, we can give your teeth a thorough cleaning. Teeth cleaning is an important but seldom-considered aspect of preventive dental care near Arlington, VA. In addition to improving the aesthetic of your smile, it also offers three important benefits, all relating to plaque.

Plaque is bad news for anyone interested in excellent oral health and a great smile. Getting rid of it and preventing it from building up is crucial because:

  1. Plaque buildup causes cavities. If we catch it quickly enough, we can keep cavities from forming. That’s obviously the best case.

    If you fail to address your plaque issue in a timely manner, it will ultimately eat away at your teeth, causing a cavity. That’s bad news and moderately painful, but still fairly easy to fix with a simple filling.

    If you let the problem go too long though, the cavity will worsen to the point that a more invasive root canal becomes necessary. Worst case, we’ll have to extract the tooth.

  2. Plaque buildup also causes gum disease, and preventive care near Arlington, VA isn’t just about your teeth – it’s about keeping your gums healthy too!

    In its earliest stages, gum disease is more annoying than painful, although you will notice some increased sensitivity. If you let it go too long though, the pain will get progressively worse, and your gums will begin to recede, exposing the roots of your teeth. At that point, you’ve got major problems, and if something isn’t done immediately, it will ultimately result in the loss of several of your teeth.

  3. Finally, plaque causes bad breath! Getting rid of the plaque on your teeth will freshen your breath, even as it improves the quality of your smile, which brings us to the next part of this article…

Preventive care near Arlington, VA is not just important for your general oral health, it’s also the cornerstone of cosmetic dentistry, which is to say, building the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

Think about it: One of the key components to a great smile is whiter teeth, but it doesn’t make any sense to avail yourself of one of our office’s three whitening options without first getting rid of the plaque.

Once you have gotten rid of it thanks to your regular preventive care visits near Arlington, VA, it’s time to explore improving your smile. Here are the details of our three teeth whitening options:

Our Zoom! In-Office Whitening

This is our most popular whitening option because it’s so fast and convenient. In just one office visit, we can whiten your teeth by up an impressive eight shades. You could get similar results using various over the counter whitening products, but to do so, you’d need to use them for up to two months. Who wants to go through all that time and trouble when there’s a much simpler option available?

The Whitening For Life Program

If you’re a committed do-it-yourselfer, you’ll love this program because it puts the power in your hands.

When you start the program, we’ll ask you to come to our office so that we can take an impression of your teeth. We’ll use that impression to create a set of custom dental trays for you, a process that takes about a week.

Once we get the trays back from the manufacturer, we’ll ask you to come back to our office, so we can give you the trays, a tube of our powerful bleaching gel, and an instruction booklet explaining how to use it. From that day forward, you can whiten your teeth anytime you like, at your schedule and convenience.

Even better, as long as you stay current with your preventive care visits near Arlington, VA, we’ll give you another tube of bleaching gel every six months, for free, for life!

Our Kor Whitening System

This is our most powerful whitening treatment, specifically designed to deal with deep, persistent stains that are too much for our other whitening options to handle. It works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen, and unlike the other two whitening technologies, its effects are entirely permanent.

There’s another option to consider too. In some cases, if you haven’t had regular dental care for many years, or if you’ve got some teeth that are chipped, in addition to being stained, you may want to consider porcelain veneers. They’re simple, cost-effective and relatively long-lasting.

Hold on though, before you get too far down the road of planning for your new, whiter smile, here’s another question: Are you happy with how straight your teeth are? If not, before you whiten, consider making use of one of our two alternatives to conventional braces. We’ll talk about those next:

The Six Month Smiles Program

It’s hardly a secret that conventional braces have their share of problems, not the least of which is the fact that they take a really long time to do their work, in some cases, up to two years! Nobody wants to walk around with a mouthful of metal for that length of time, and thanks to the “Six Month Smiles” program, you don’t have to!

These braces get around the time issue by only focusing on your front-facing teeth. That matters because your back teeth tend to respond very slowly to realignment, while your front teeth move much more quickly.

Combine that with the fact that people only see your front-facing teeth when you smile anyway, and it’s easy to see why this is such a popular program!

The Invisalign Program

This is cutting-edge teeth realignment technology. Invisalign doesn’t use braces at all, but rather, a series of specially made, custom-fitting caps designed to be worn over your teeth. Wearing the caps in sequence will progressively realign your teeth.

The program works like this: When you sign up, we’ll ask you to come into our office so we can make detailed 3D scans of your teeth. We’ll send those scans to our manufacturer, who will set about making the caps for you.

The manufacturing process takes about a week, and once we’ve got them back, we’ll invite you back to our office for your initial fitting. Then, about every other week, we’ll ask you back to our office to pick up your next set.

Perhaps the best feature of the program is the fact that you can put the caps in and take them out yourself. That gives you incredible freedom and flexibility. If you have an important function to attend, and you’d rather not wear your caps for a few hours, it’s a trivial matter to pop them out for the evening and put them back in when you get home.

If you wanted to, you could even opt to only wear them at night, although if you do this, it will understandably take longer to straighten your teeth. Still, braces of any kind simply can’t match that level of flexibility and convenience!

The bottom line is, all that becomes possible once your oral health has been attended to, and regular preventive care visits near Arlington, VA is the gateway to excellent oral health.

Here’s to the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

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