Learn How Preventive Care near Chantilly, VA Minimizes Cavities

Excellent oral health starts with a good preventive care program. Not many people can actually claim to enjoy a trip to the dentist but going at regular intervals is the best and surest way to catch problems while they’re still developing and relatively easily and painlessly corrected.

The cornerstone of preventive care near Chantilly, VA is a comprehensive checkup conducted at regular intervals (we recommend every six months). While we have you in the treatment chair, it’s easy enough to give your teeth a thorough cleaning too, which will help eliminate plaque buildup and minimize the chances of getting a cavity.

Plaque control is pivotal because few things will give you more trouble in the long run. Among other things, it can lead to:

  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • And chronic halitosis (bad breath)

Preventive care near Chantilly, VA is important for cosmetic reasons too. After all, it doesn’t do much good to start working on the quality of your smile before you’ve seen to your basic oral health needs first. Besides that, whitening your teeth before you have them cleaned is counterproductive, at best. You’ll want to be sure you’ve had all the plaque removed before you even consider a whitening treatment.

Speaking of teeth whitening, our office offers not one, but three different whitening treatment options. We’ll tell you about them below:

Our In-Office Whitening Treatment

This is our most popular whitening option. It’s fast, simple, and effective. In the space of a single office visit, we can whiten your teeth by up to an impressive eight shades. You can get similar results via OTC (over the counter) products, but you’d have to use conventionally available products for up to two months!

The Whitening For Life Program

This is another highly popular option. Our patients love it because it puts them firmly in control. It works like this: When you come into our office to sign up, we’ll take an impression of your teeth. Using that impression, we’ll create a set of custom bleaching trays for you, a process that takes about a week.

Once we’ve got the trays ready, we’ll ask you back into our office so that we can give you the trays, a tube of our powerful bleaching gel, and an instruction booklet detailing its use. From there, the control is yours. You can whiten your teeth anytime you like.

Best of all, as long as you stay current with your preventive care visits, we’ll give you another tube of bleaching gel every six months, for free, for life!

The Kor Whitening System

The most powerful of our three options, this one is designed to tackle deep stains that our other options just can’t handle. Unlike the effects of the other two options, the effects of this one are entirely permanent.

Are you ready to build the smile you’ve always dreamed of? You’re just steps away, and it all starts with a solid preventive care program near Chantilly, VA.