Learn About Different Levels of Consciousness for Sedation Dentistry Near Fairfax, VA

We offer differing levels of sedation dentistry for our Fairfax, VA residents. Depending on how you prefer it, you can either relax or sleep through a visit. Simply by controlling the dosage that is taken it will set the level of consciousness for you during the visit. This is a great method of making it through another dentist visit near Fairfax, VA without the stress that normally accompanies it. That said there are generally two types of sedation dentistry available. These are conscious and unconscious. Which one you decide to use will be fully up to you as the patient.

For those that do not like the idea of being fully unconscious during a visit we offer the conscious sedation dentistry option for Fairfax, VA residents. This works great for keeping pain down, and you will likely feel disconnected from reality and will find that you do not worry about what is going on around you. This will enable you to relax and enjoy the visit without worrying about the procedure at all. Though this sedation dentistry option is a great one, for some it is not enough.

For those people we offer the unconscious sedation dentistry option. This works just as well, and our Fairfax, VA customers that choose this option will take a nap through the entire appointment. This means that there will be no way at all to stress out because you will be asleep. Though you may feel some discomfort after waking up, it is a much better option than trying to sit through the visit during the operation.

Both of these sedation dentistry plans are available to all of our Fairfax, VA customers and they work equally well. In the end, it will be up to you to decide on which plan to go with. Once you have made the decision simply let us know and we will get you the necessary dosage required to make your visit with our local dentist office near Fairfax, VA a success.