How to Prepare for Sedation Dentistry Appointments Near Falls Church, VA

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Learn About Your Sedation Dentistry Plan Before Arriving for Your Dentist Visit Near Falls Church, VA

There are many different levels of sedation dentistry that we provide in Falls Church, VA, so depending on which type of sedation dentistry you will be using there are a couple things you can do ahead of time to prepare for the visit. A good rule of thumb is to learn what your sedation dentistry plan will be and then be ready when you do arrive. Some sedation dentistry plans will require you to have another person drive you to and from the visit with our dentist office near Falls Church, VA.

During a sedation dentistry visit near Falls Church, VA, what generally happens is you will take a pill an hour or so before the visit and then you will be able to take a nap during the dental procedure. Because of this, it is very important to have another person bring you to and from the appointment. It also may be a good idea to eat a few hours ahead of time as it can be difficult to eat right away after your dentist visit. You may feel a little uncomfortable after waking up but this is to be expected. A little bit of discomfort after a visit is a small effect of sedation dentistry, but most people around Falls Church, VA agree that it is worth it to not have to worry about the dentist visit. If you are one of those many people who dislike dentist visits, this plan can work really well. We will even be checking your blood pressure and heart rate throughout the visit so you can be sure that you will be in the best of hands.

We’re happy that we can offer this type of sedation dentistry safely to all the residents of Falls Church, VA and we look forward to helping ease your way through any visits when necessary. If you would like some more information about sedation dentistry and how it works near Falls Church, VA, just give us a call. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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