Conscious or Unconscious Sedation Dentistry Near Springfield, VA

A typical sedation dentistry visit near Springfield, VA will go one of two ways. Depending on whether you chose conscious or unconscious sedation dentistry, we will handle the visit differently. Understanding how the visit works though will help you to understand the sedation dentistry process near Springfield, VA and it may serve to ease some of the tension that you might feel beforehand.

During a conscious sedation dentistry visit, we will require that you have somebody to give you a ride to the office and to bring you home again. This is because you may not be able to drive well in the relaxed state that the sedation dentistry will put you into. You will also be provided with a pill to take an hour or so before the appointment, and this will ensure that you are completely relaxed and happy when it is time for the appointment. The appointment goes as any other dentist visit near Springfield, VA normally does; we get in there and do the job as quick as possible, and you are able to relax through it all without worrying about what is going on around you. Then your friend will take you home and you’re all set.

A fully-unconscious visit works similar but is slightly different in that you will be asleep throughout the whole experience. As before, you will take a few pills an hour or so before hand but this time you will likely fall asleep on the way to or at our dentist office near Springfield, VA. With the power of sedation dentistry, you will then be able to sleep through the rest of the visit and will likely not wake up until afterwards. Some residents report slight discomfort after a visit, but it is nothing to worry about as this is completely normal (remember to have somebody free to take you back home after the visit with unconscious sedation dentistry always).

Most importantly when coming to your appointment at our office near Springfield, VA, please make sure to have a ride lined up. This is very important because if you fail to do this, you may be stuck at the office for a while afterwards (it ruins the fun).