Three Options for Teeth Whitening in Annandale, VA

Here at Annandale smiles in Annandale, VA we have many different teeth whitening options available. Over the years we have seen that our customers value teeth whitening quite a bit because to whiten a smile can make all the difference in your life and it acts as a huge confidence booster too. The three main programs that we offer for teeth whitening are as follows: the Zoom! in-office treatments are used for quickly whitening your teeth during an office visit in Annandale, VA. The teeth whitening for life program is a mixture of an in-office visit and over-the-counter whitening. Our third option is the Kor whitening deep bleaching system which is a permanent option that helps to dissolve stain molecules. Each of these teeth whitening programs have their own advantages and disadvantages and we will provide a review of them in this article in order to help you make an educated decision.

Zoom! Teeth whitening program

The Zoom! Teeth whitening program is used by over 10 million patients throughout the world and has been proven as an effective teeth whitening program and we use it on a routine basis in Annandale, VA as well. As the quickest and office whitening program, it is the only in-office teeth whitening system with a variable intensity setting so treatments can be adjusted to meet your needs. Different people have different comfort settings with level of intensity that they can take during the Zoom! Treatment, so we will find what works for you. We also include desensitizers which help to minimize your sensitivity.

The Zoom! Treatment teeth whitening program has been clinically shown to whitening your teeth up to eight shades and it can give you a brighter smile in just one office visit. For a quick whitening before an important meeting, there is nothing better than the Zoom! Teeth whitening program. The only problem with the Zoom! Treatment in Annandale, VA is that it is not a permanent solution. If you would like to have whiter teeth for the rest of your life then we encourage you to consider one of our other options.

Teeth whitening for life

Our teeth whitening for life program is something that is unique to our office in Annandale, VA and it is a program that we have built to help you keep your teeth looking great for the rest of your life. The way that it works is relatively simple. First we schedule an appointment where we take impressions of your teeth. Then we create custom bleaching trays which are made uniquely for you. We will also give you bleaching gel and an application guide. Afterwards, when you come in for your six-month routine dentist visit we will give you another tube of your favorite teeth whitening bleaching gel for free. We will continue to give you this free tube of teeth whitening gel for the rest of your life during each of your visits.

As long as you plan to come in for your routine preventative visits already then there is no reason not to join our teeth whitening for life program. We have many Annandale, VA residents already on this program and they have seen that adding in teeth whitening to the normal dentist visits makes it easier than ever to keep their teeth looking beautiful and white. Since this program is in addition to your normal dentist visits, if you are looking for a quick fix or are planning on moving soon then you may want to consider one of our other programs.

Kor whitening deep bleaching system

The Kor teeth whitening system was developed by internationally known cosmetic dentist and bleaching expert, Dr. Rod Kurthy. It has been used by thousands of dentists all across the world and is known as one of the most reliable and effective bleaching systems ever designed. The way that the Kor whitening deep bleaching system works is through restoring the teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen inside of its whitening gel is absorbed by your tooth and dissolves stain molecules. This system includes easy home maintenance and is also a permanent solution.

Each of these three teeth whitening programs are great options for you in Annandale, VA. If you are looking for a short-term quick fix than the Zoom! Treatment is perfect for you. If you would like to simply add in teeth whitening to your routine six month preventative care visits then we suggest our teeth whitening for life program, and last of all, if you would like a permanent solution that you can apply from the comfort of your home in Annandale, VA then you may want to give the Kor whitening deep bleaching system a try. Each of these teeth whitening programs have proven successful over the years and no matter which one you decide to use we know that it will make a huge change in your life

Teeth whitening is a service that we are happy to provide and once you have a brighter, beautiful smile you will see that it completely changes the way you look and feel. A good smile in Annandale, VA will even change how others think of you as well. With a little bit of time and effort you can become one of those people who draws everyone’s attention on the edge of the room.

If you have any more questions about teeth whitening in Annandale, VA, we will be happy to help you. Simply give us a call and explain your circumstances and we will help you review the various options that we have. Annandale smiles is all about filling the streets of Annandale, VA with beautiful smiles. We care for your teeth and we will always do whatever we can to make sure that you have access to the best possible care around.