Cosmetic dentistry by a local dentist near Burke, VA can impact your life in many unexpected ways. Are you struggling in life because you don’t feel comfortable smiling? Do you avoid going on dates, social gatherings or putting in for a new job because you are unhappy with your smile?

People who have teeth that are noticeably crooked, discolored or missing oftentimes have low self-esteem. Maybe you have noticed that you are being overlooked for a promotion or a new position. Personal appearances in the workforce can be difficult for those who weren’t so lucky to have been born with perfect teeth. First impressions are usually the key to how people perceive you. Cosmetic dentistry can help.

Whitening your teeth will give off a better impression. Dingy, yellow teeth are not too attractive to the beholder. By simply going to your local Burke, VA dentist for cosmetic dentistry you can have your teeth whitened and improve your appearance greatly. There are many different methods out there; an abundance of products sit on the shelf at your local grocery store. Before choosing a method, make an appointment to see a local dentist like Annandale Smiles near Burke, VA. Before scheduling any cosmetic dentistry, your Burke, VA dentist will examine your teeth and do a thorough cleaning before he recommends any method of teeth whitening. These methods might include—

Zoom Products

Zoom is an in-office whitening that is quick and easy and can whiten your teeth up to eight shades lighter in just one office visit. Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed has variable intensity settings so the treatment you receive is tailored specifically for your comfort. It also has desensitizers which help to provide minimal sensitivity while protecting the enamel of your teeth.

An at-home treatment can be designed for you as well. Custom-fitted trays are made just for you to take home and use in the comfort of your home.

KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System

Another great product offered in the cosmetic dentistry industry for teeth whitening is the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System. This product is considered to be the most successful and reliable bleaching product on the market.

This system works by restoring the ability of your teeth to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from the whitening gel absorbs deeply inside each tooth which dissolves stain molecules. This whitening method is entirely permanent.

Whitening for Life Products

Your dentist may recommend cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile with Whitening for Life Program. A scheduled appointment will be made where you come into your dental office near Burke, VA and have impressions made of your teeth. You will come back into the office in about a week to pick up your custom-fit bleaching trays, bleaching gel, and an application guide so that you can begin your teeth whitening program at home.

As long as you keep up your regular six-month checkups and cleanings, you will receive a tube of the bleaching gel at no cost to you. Every six months for the rest of your life, you will receive a tube of bleaching gel.

It is essential that you keep all your six-month preventive treatments. Otherwise, you will not receive your free tube of bleaching gel, but more crucial than that is your dental health will fail. It is important to go once every six months to your local dentist near Burke, VA. Early detection of more severe issues can be brought to your attention early on so it can be attended to by your dentist.

The Whitening for Life program is one of the many cosmetic dentistry procedures available at Annandale Smiles, a Burke, VA local dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry near Burke, VA offers various techniques to improve the appearance of your smile. Although teeth whitening have become extremely popular, some Burke, VA dental patients will need much, much more. In the case that you could be missing teeth, the best the cosmetic dentistry industry near Burke, VA has to offer would be dental implants. With dental implants, you will get a more natural smile and be able to perform the natural things you could do with your original teeth, such as eating, talking, and brushing. Dental implants will also preserve bone in your mouth whereas dentures will not.

Tooth-colored fillings and porcelain veneers are other cosmetic dentistry methods that Burke, VA dental patients are taking advantage of at their local dentist’s office.