Are you considering dentures or a partial?  It’s easy to see the attraction. After all, they’re relatively low cost and most dental insurance plans cover some, if not all of the cost.  Those are both good reasons, but before you make a final decision, it’s worth at least considering Falls Church, VA dental implants.

Why implants?  We’ll explain in more detail just below:


Here’s the thing about dentures.  Best case scenario, they’ll last you two years, and that’s if you are extremely careful.  Most likely, they’ll last about a year, and then you’ll have to get a replacement. Even if your insurance covers some of the cost, that’s still a regular, ongoing outlay, which is less than ideal.

Contrast that with Falls Church, VA dental implants, which will probably outlast you and the real teeth in your head.  While it’s true that they are more expensive, it’s a one-time investment.


One of the things people don’t like about dentures is the fact that every night, you’ve got to take them out and drop them into a cleaning solution.  That’s both annoying and off-putting. Falls Church, VA dental implants don’t suffer from that problem. The only maintenance you have to do is brush and floss, just like you normally do.  That’s it. No special treatment required.

No Self-Consciousness

If there’s one big, pervasive complaint we hear from denture wearers, it’s that dentures can be a source of regular embarrassment.  They tend to make strange clacking noises when you talk. They can slip out while you’re talking. It’s just not fun. You’ve got to be constantly on guard.

Implants are nothing like that.  Once they’re in, they’re in for good, and they don’t interfere with your speech patterns in the slightest.

No Special Diet Restrictions

This is another big one.  If you’re eating with dentures, then you’ve got to be very careful with not just what you eat, but with how you eat it.  Corn on the cobb is the classic example. That’s basically the kiss of death for denture wearers, but with implants, you don’t have any food restrictions at all.  Just eat the foods you want, whenever you want them.

In just about every way that matters, implants are superior to dentures.  As we mentioned at the start, the big draw where dentures are concerned is their relatively low price.  That’s what draws most people in, but in truth, it’s not a fair comparison to look at the price of one set of dentures with the price of implants, because you’ll need several pairs of implants over the course of the rest of your life, but you’ll only need to buy the implants once.

Given their numerous advantages, there’s a compelling case to be made for implants.