Fear of getting treatment at a dental practice in Annandale, VA, affects most of the adult population. According to surveys, about 75 percent of the adults in this country report at least some anxiety when it comes time to making an appointment or showing up for it. It’s so common, it usually brings a chuckle when someone groans at the thought of going in for a checkup, filling or root canal.

But it’s not so funny for a solid percentage of those with fears. For some, it has morphed into an actual phobia. The danger is that these people are putting their oral health on hold, waiting for the time when their emotions will let them go in for a cleaning, an exam or treatment for a problem. Sadly, that time often never comes. The result is adults with poor teeth, painful gums and general health negatively impacted by bad oral health.

About 20 percent of adults report that they will make a dentist appointment, then cancel it—over and over and over again. About 10 percent can’t even get themselves to make an appointment. What is happening to their teeth, gums and overall health? It can’t be anything good.

Experts suggest there are four main causes for these fears, including:

  • Fear of pain
  • Feelings of losing control and becoming helpless
  • Embarrassment
  • A bad experience, usually when young

The symptoms of the fear vary widely. The majority can’t sleep before an appointment. Some get into the waiting room at the dental practice in Annandale, VA, and that’s when the waves of fear engulf them.

For others, anxiety produces nausea at the mere thought of going in for an appointment. Some start crying when they think of making an appointment or when they arrive at the dental office. A few make it into the dental chair. But as soon as the dentist or assistant place instruments in the patient’s mouth, they experience breathing problems.

That’s why Annandale Smiles, a dental practice in Annandale, VA, offers minimal sedation dentistry. Fearful patients get a single pill to take about an hour before the appointment. This relaxes them enough to go through with the procedure. In fact, it often causes the patient to forget what happened during the treatment. To keep the patient safe, a staff member monitors blood pressure and pulse throughout the appointment.

Annandale Smiles is a full-service office offering preventive, general and cosmetic treatments for every member of the family. It is conveniently located at 4322 Ravensworth Road in Annandale, VA. The dentist and staff have a reputation for really caring about each patient, including the very fearful.

Call Annandale Smiles for more information about minimal sedation dentistry, from the dental practice in Annandale, VA, that cares—Annandale Smiles.