Many of our patients have asked us questions regarding the differences between Alexandria, Va orthodontics vs cosmetic dentistry.  It’s a fair question, and the short answer is that there is significant overlap between the two.

After all, orthodontics is all about straightening your teeth, and having straight teeth is one of the major building blocks of building the smile you’ve always wanted.

In comparing the two though, Alexandria, Va orthodontics vs cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics provides you with benefits that extend beyond simple cosmetic issues.  For instance, from a purely cosmetic perspective, if you have a chipped tooth, you may be tempted to invest in porcelain veneers.

While that’s a workable solution that could improve the aesthetic of your smile, it could also lead to complications or require you to spend even more money.  

After all, porcelain is going to look notably different from the natural color of your teeth, so when you invest in veneers, you may also find that you’ll need to invest in one or more whitening treatments so that your natural teeth look more like your veneers.

The orthodontic approach would be to rebuild the tooth, and then, if you decide you want a whitening treatment, we can discuss the options with you.

Here’s another useful example to highlight the differences between Alexandria, Va orthodontics vs cosmetic dentistry.  While conventional braces or their alternatives will certainly improve the aesthetic of your smile, the simple truth is that crooked teeth can be significantly more difficult to keep clean.

That in turn could lead to plaque buildups in those hard to reach spaces, which makes it more likely that you’ll develop a cavity or gum disease.  Fillings, root canals, or extractions are the ultimate endpoints where cavities are concerned, and none of them are pleasant procedures.

Gum disease though, is even worse.  Early on, you may not think so. After all, about all you’ll notice is some tenderness in your gums, and perhaps a small amount of blood when you brush your teeth.

If you don’t act decisively to address it though, it will get progressively worse, ultimately causing your gums to recede, and possibly even leading to bone loss.

When your gums recede, it will expose the roots of your teeth.  Since your roots lack a protective coating of enamel, they’re much more likely to develop cavities, which is bad enough by itself, but bone loss is even worse.

When you start losing bone mass, your teeth lose the moorings that are keeping them in place, which will ultimately lead to catastrophic tooth loss.

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be like that.  With preventive care visits every six months and proper orthodontic care, we can minimize the risk of those kinds of things happening.