Always check with your dentist before attempting to do any over-the-counter teeth whitening to protect the enamel of your teeth. Some products can harm your teeth’s enamel if you don’t use the products correctly. If you are looking for the best teeth whitening products out there, look no further than the team at Annandale Smiles near Burke, VA.

Teeth whitening can lighten teeth and remove stains and discolorations. This has become an extremely popular cosmetic dental treatment for Burke, VA dentists because patients want the whitest smile possible. Whitening is usually never a one-time procedure because it will need to be repeated from time to time if you want to retain a whiter, brighter smile because of these reasons—

  • Using any kind of tobacco products will stain your teeth.
  • Drinking dark-colored liquids such as tea, coffee, cola, and red wine will stain your teeth.
  • Not taking very good care of your teeth will cause yellowing and staining.
  • The older you become can cause your teeth to be less bright because the enamel gets thinner and the dentin darker.

Some stains are inside the tooth. These stains are called intrinsic stains. These stains are caused by too much exposure to fluoride as a young child while the teeth are developing or taking tetracycline antibiotics.

Having your teeth whitening by your local dentist near Burke, VA is much more effective on surface stains which are called extrinsic stains. Teeth whitening also does not work on ceramic or porcelain crowns or veneers.

Before teeth whitening, your local Burke, VA dentist will want you to have a thorough cleaning and any cavities or other issues taken care of prior to the whitening procedure. Removing bacteria, food, and other substances that have built up on your teeth is an essential part of any teeth whitening procedure.

Your dentist near Burke, VA may suggest one of the following for your teeth whitening procedure—

  • Philips Zoom!™ WhiteSpeed is one of the most professional teeth whitening procedures that Burke, VA dental patients request because it can whiten the teeth up to eight shades in about 45 minutes. The combination of the PH booster in the whitening gel along with the WhiteSpeed’s advanced blue LED light-activated technology significantly accelerates the whitening process. In just one visit to your local Burke, VA dentist, you can walk out with a new and dramatic, whiter smile. All results are different, and your dentist will explain to you what to expect. 

Impressions will be taken of your teeth so that custom-fitted trays can be designed specifically for your teeth and mouth so that you can keep up the whitening at home when needed. Reducing your intake of dark-colored drinks and if you are a smoker, quitting, will help to avoid the teeth from restaining.

  • Whitening!™ for Life is offered by many dentists near Burke, VA. This is a program that you can sign up for with your local dentist, but it is not transferable. You will be required to have impressions of your teeth and after about a week, come back in and pick up your custom-fitted bleaching trays with a tube of bleaching gel and instructions for use. As long as you stay with the same Burke, VA dentist and come in for your regular examinations and cleanings every six months, you will receive a tube of the bleaching gel FREE of charge for life.
  • KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System is another teeth whitening procedure most Burke, VA dentists offer their dental patients. This procedure offers teeth whitening with the least amount of sensitivity as possible with permanent results. The whitening gel that is applied to the teeth increases the tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from the KöR bleaching gel soaks into each tooth deeply penetrating and dissolving any stain molecules. This process has become one of the best teeth whitening products used by Burke, VA dentists and others worldwide for a fast and effective way to have brighter and whiter teeth.

Call the team at Annandale Smiles near Burke, VA, and they can answer all your questions pertaining to the different methods they offer for teeth whitening. Get the white smile you have always dreamed of with one of their teeth whitening procedures.