Options for Adult Braces in Annandale, VA

It is not uncommon for adults that used to wear braces to still have problems with their teeth shifting as they grow older. Regardless of whether the misaligned teeth have been a constant problem or a relatively recent issue, braces may be the best treatment option for many adults. Understandably, this is something adults rarely look forward to. Sometimes the embarrassment of wearing metal braces is worse than the overbite or crooked smile.

Adult braces for patients in Annandale, VA have changed dramatically over the years. No longer are embarrassing and uncomfortable metal braces the only option for adults dealing with crooked teeth. Dr. Johnson and his associates at Annandale Smiles know how important straight teeth are for their patient’s oral health and appearance. They also understand how embarrassing it can be for adults to smile with their mouths full of metal. This is one of the reasons why they are pleased to be able to offer Invisalign aligners to their patients that need adult braces in Annandale, VA. These transparent plastic liners are virtually invisible when worn, and are just as effective as traditional metal braces.

Annandale Smiles wants their patients to know why it is so important for them to have straight teeth that are correctly aligned. When teeth are crooked and misaligned, brushing and flossing properly is almost impossible. The buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth often leads to cavities, gingivitis and even embarrassing bad breath. If this continues, tooth loss and other oral health problems can occur.

The professionals at Annandale Smiles care about their patients’ oral health. They also want them to understand the benefits that come when adult braces are worn by patients in Annandale, Va. Some of the advantages commonly mentioned include,

  • Straighten crooked teeth
  • Improved oral health
  • Improve speech
  • Improve ability to eat certain foods

Teeth that are crooked will affect a smile’s appearance, and this can cause problems with low self-esteem. Many adults are even ashamed to show their smiles, and this can affect their confidence. Annandale Smiles will create a treatment plan for their patients that will allow them to smile with confidence again.

Whether it is just teeth cleaning or getting fitted for adult braces in Annandale, VA the team at Annandale Smiles has the experience their patients have come to depend on. They are dedicated to providing their patients with exceptional service, and this means staying current with the latest technology and treatments. With over two decades of experience and recognized as one of the top rated dentistry practices in the state, patients know that they can depend on Annandale Smiles to continue to meet all of their oral health needs.